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5 Vitesses, H 2934
à jour au: 2017
19?? plan Joep Straus, Built by the owner Henk van der Loop


1986 Deltaweek: 1er/??, ??

2002 The boat is cut up

2017 From Dutch QT Facebook: "a 1/4 tonner designed by Joep Straus - won the 1986 in the Netherlands and more. Built by the owner Henk van der Loop together with his son Bas. Van der Loop had a Citroën garage, and a certain Citroën model had 5 gears for the first time then, hence the name of the boat. The boat was cut up around 2002, Bas used parts for a new boat. Thanks for the picture Henk!
Joep also designed and sailed 'Furax II' at the 1984 Quarter Ton Cup in Nieuwpoort, Belgium


All pictures from Dutch QT Facebook