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Salt, S 10101
à jour au: 2022
1977/78 Plan Jan Becker, Builder:


Built as Two Tonner!

Received from Carl Storckenfeldt (2022),

1978 Owner: Hansson, Sweden

1979 Gotland runt: 1st/??, HANNSON

1983 Owner: Hansson/Hartz, Sweden
Gotland runt: 1st/??, HANNSON/Edvard HARTZ (Djursholm)

1984 Gotland Runt : ?e/??, HANNSON/HATZ

1988 New owner: Hatz

2022 New owner, Carl Storckenfeldt, Djursholm, Sweden
Pictures and information from

December, received from Carl Storckenfeldt, "Designed 1977/1978 by Jan Becker, think as a two tonner. I attach drawings. What I understand, it was squeezed in as a one tonner.I think it is the drawing attached, but it can also be another boat since the dept of Salt is 2.70 cm and the boat in the drawing is 1.70"