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Okyalos VI, GRE 49294
à jour au: 2022
1990 Plan Jeppesen, built by X yacht, Length: 11,97m Width: 3,82m Depth: 2,32m

1990 Aout, One Ton Cup, Marstrand (Suéde): 5 - 1 - 5 - 3 - 10 = 1er/27, George ERTOS
Picture from Andre Braun, Facebook 2020,

October "Seahorse"

1991 Bit World Cup: ?e/??
Photos D. Bourgeois, archives de la revue "Bateaux",
July, One Ton Cup, Nieuwport: 4e/19,

1992 4 July, One Ton Cup, Danemark: ? - ? - 1 - 1 - 1 - ? - ? = 4e/18,

Corum Diamant, FRA 9394
1e manche du circuit One Ton, Sardaigne: 3e/?
Début mai, 2e manche du circuit One Ton, Sardaigne: 6e/?,

One Ton Cup
Cagliari: 6 - 10 - 5 - 3 - 7 - 5 - 2 = 4e/12,
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Juillet, 4e manche du circuit One Ton, Cowes: 4e/?
Aout "Bateaux",

Aout, Admiral's Cup: 2 - 3 - 1 - 4 - 2 - 4 - 5 = 3e/8 OT, Equipe de France: 3e/8, GELUSSEAU
"L'Année de la Voile 1993",

Okyalos, GRE ????
13 mai, Big Cup, Sopol: 3e/5, ?, (dsq à la manche 1)
Bit Cup, Kiel: ?e/?

18 aout, One Ton Cup, Marseille: 2e/7

Photo archives revue "Bateaux",

Riva di Traiano, Italie: 2e/?,

1994 One Ton Circuit: ?e/??

Okyalos, S 49294
Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark: 1er/9, J. LEKLAND

1998 Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark: 3e/22, J. LEKLAND


Okyalos, GER 4929

2015 August, For Sale, lying in Norway, Volvo Penta 28 hp, 835 000 Kr, Weight 5400 kg, This unique sailboat is the best you can get! It was built as a one off at X-Yachts of Denmark and won the One Ton Cup 1990 in Marstrand. A nice rigtig Racing yacht, but today we sail just great summer trips with friends poured Aus Sea, the North Sea and along the Norwegian coast and enjoying life on board. The boat is only to the 26th August 2015 in Norway, so we sail the boat back to Kiel, Germany.

2016 June, still For Sale, picture from One Ton Class Facebook,

2022 April, extracts of Birger Hansen (one of the three founders of X-yachts) interview: "In 1990, X-yachts received an unusual order: “Build me the world’s best racing boat. The budget is unlimited.” 32 years later, Birger Hansen brings the historical vessel back to it’s birth place." ... “That boat… that is the Stradivarius of X-yachts. The most advanced racing boat we ever built. We had never built anything like that before. And we never did anything like that again.”... "Right around 1990, X-yachts built three one off racing boats in vacuum infused, prepreg carbon fiber/epoxy – a brand new technology at the time, and the most advanced, optimized way possible to build a boat. Okyalos was the last of the three boats." ... ”Okyalos was an extremely expensive boat to build. Back then, 32 years ago, the price was three million in danish currency, which translates to about 400.000 euros. Today that would be in the area of one and half million euros. For a 40 footer. So when we started the project, we knew there were no limitations. We could build it in the most optimal way possible." ... "“It’s still the best. Even today. A professional racing boat today is built the exact same way we did it 32 years ago, here at X-yachts.” ... "For many years I have said that if this boat ever comes up for sale, I will buy it. And then, suddenly, it happened. I bought it immediately. So, our Stradivarius has finally come home to X-yachts. And this time she will stay.”