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Ragnarök, S 9444
à jour au: 1990
1985 Plan Leif Ängermark, Wasa40R


From Facebook 2021,

1986 Hiver, exposé au Nordstan
One Ton Cup
, Palma de Majorque: ?e/33, ?

1987 Picture from Facebook 2021, "Just before the One Ton Cup",

24 aout, One Ton Cup, Kiel: ?e/34, ?

Picture from Facebook 2020,

1988/89 The boat was sailed as
Konflikt, S 9444

1989 West Side Cup Grand Prix, Gothenburg: ?e/??, Sven ÖSTERBERG
Picture and comment from Facebook 2020, "The aim was to get an new and faster boat for OTC at Marstrand, Sweden 1990." Wasa 40R, the first one and only 30.55 rating 1-tonner...

Doctor's Delay, S 9444
1990 Aout, One Ton Cup, Marstrand: ?e/27, ?
Pictures from Andre Braun, Facebook 2020,

After OTC 1990 it was converted to an cruiser/racer...

Picture from 2020, Could be the same Wasa 40:


WASA 40: When the boat was launched in 1985 the background was a bit different, our designer Leif Ängermark had competed in the One-Ton Cup at Mallorca with his boat Ragnarök. That boat was used to cast the shape of what became Wasa 40. A quick way to keep up to date and make a hull with the “latest” lines. The boat became a little more IOR-influenced but as usual a “lightweight-build” – here Leif did not let himself be influenced. The interior was in a traditional Wasa style with solid woodwork and a comfortable living space. Although the Wasa 40 was a genuine Wasa, she ended up in the shadow a more demanded sister boat and only a dozen were built. Most of which in Wasa’s shipyard in Gothenburg.