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2 architectes Italiens:


Liste des bateaux:

Alpi ou Alpino I 8798 Schiomachen 1979, renamed "Bring Me Too";
Astra Italie Sciomachen ? built by Morri & Para, Italy, a racing sailboat winner of the 1994 Yachting Cup, San Diego, California;
2014 Picture from One Ton Class Facebook

Bring Me Too Scuola Nautica Sistiana ITA 8798 Schiomachen 1979;

Ciaro de Luna I 10258 Sciomachen built in aluminum by Cantiere Griggio, Italy;

Domino I 9806 Schiomachen 19?? built by Biasi Costruzioni Nautiche, 2021 For Sale, she is one ton. Is cruising version, masterhead with non structural fliyng, length over all 38.84 (ft), displacement 15432 (lbs);

Faerie Queene ITA Schiomachen 197?, From Facebook 2021 "Faerie Queene was a one tonner, she was a giant Fortunello with fractional rig and flush deck. Circa 1975 or before. Regarding Linda and Alpi I don’t think so: two different sailnumbers.";

Linda I 9055 Schiomachen 1980;

Mario Violatti:

Liste des bateaux:

Mediterraneo I 9091 Violatti ?;

My Loch Ness MT 7337 Violatti 1976 built by C.P.R. Fiomicino, L: 11.25m, 1976 One Ton Cup, Marseille: 39e/43, M. Violatti;
1976 Novembre "Bateaux"

Precision I 9111 Violatti ?, 1980 16 juin, One Ton Cup, Milan: 16-10-16-1-ret = 15e/27;