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Swan 36, plan Stephens, Builder:  Nautor, from 1967 to 1970, 90 builts.

LOA:  35.73' / 10.89m LWL:  25.92' / 7.90m, Beam:  9.68' / 2.95m Listed SA:  546 ft2 / 50.72 m2, Draft (max.)  6.07' / 1.85m Draft (min.), Disp.  14300 lbs./ 6486 kgs. Ballast:  7936 lbs. / 3600 kgs.
SA/Disp.:  14.88 Bal./Disp.:  55.50% Disp./Len.:  366.59, Construct.:  FG Bal. type:  Lead

S&S design #1710.31, Based on the GAIA CLASS (1965, 19 were built by Benello of Italy.)
There were a number of other variants of this particular design including the SIGMA 36 by Cheoy Lee. This was the first 'Swan'. Ole Enderlein was hired (by Nautor) to design a new interior.
Originally designed to the RORC handicap rule, the rig was changed in order to rate more favorably under the newly adopted IOR.

1969 Mai "Les Cahiers du Yachting", (Translation below by Lars Strom),

Article published in the May 1969 issue of Les Cahiers du Yachting, Translation by Lars Strom :
In 1967 during the One Ton Cup in Le Havre the 36 ft Cybéle made a name for herself. She was designed by S&S and built in Scandinavia (in wood by Molich in Denmark) and with a 22 ft rating she did very well in the hands of her owner, doctor Le Goff, and the crew of Alain Maupas, this team won second place in the Cup. In fact Optimist designed by Dick Carter could only just beat her, and their competition continued to the last minute.
Cybéle then moved to the Med more for cruising than racing, but we will look here at a slightly modified version of her, the Swan 36. Built by the Finnish yard Nautor-Ky the Swan 36 is imported into France by Société du Port de Plaisance de Toulon, and we had the opportunity to inspect and sail this yacht for nearly a week. On shore the hull has very elegant lines, with very deep transverse sections announcing an important development, and also by a mysterious volume - the skeg - located in front of the rudder, which according to the designer has the purpose of properly guiding the water flow around the aft end, and also to increase as much as possible the lateral lift of the stern area. 
LOA is 10.98 m with a waterline length of 7.88 m, while some other yachts also rating 22 ft may have up to 8.2 m waterline. Beam is a moderate 2.97 m, and does not reflect the present tendency to ever larger beams. Draught is 1.83 m, and the theoretical displacement 6490 kg with a ballast keel of lead weighing 3630 kg.
Hull and deck are built in glassfibre according to the norms prescribed by Lloyd's 100A1. The deck is covered with teak battens, and the coachroof is also enhanced with the same wood. The rig is simple, an aluminium alloy mast with a single pair of spreaders and double lowers, and an unusual backstay arrangement with a rigging screw anchored to the top of the centre pulpit tube. 
The interior comprises a forward cabin with two berths, then follows a head compartment with wash basin. For the saloon there are two choices - the first alternative is a dinette on port side, allowing a full length galley to starboard, while in the second version there are two berths to port and one to starboard, with the table in the middle. The galley is then located near the entrance to starboard.
In both cases the chart table is located on port side, and facing forward, with a pilot berth aft mostly under the cockpit. The test yacht had the dinette arrangement, which we normally are not fond of, but at sea we realized that the four berths in the mid area were still usable.
The engine was a Volvo Penta MD2 Diesel, and the winches on the following yachts will be Barlow two-speed.

Cruising aspects:
- The general concept can be described as classic and elegant. With moderate freeboard and accentuated sheer Swan 36 appeals to the owner both through good looks and self-esteem. 
- The finish and concept are very good. The quality of the stainless is excellent, and the teak deck nice to look at and walk on. The interior is straightforward, and the abundant use of teak makes it both light and attractive.
- On the wind there is very little pitching, off the wind moderate rolling, and the movements are always gentle.
- The hull is powerful enough to always produce decent speeds without excessive heel or frequent sail changes. 
- Without doubt the gentle movements in combination with the high forward freeboard and the coaming enclosing the cockpit provides a dry environment for the crew.
- The lenticular rod rigging is to our knowledge not of interest in view of the additional cost, and the associated difficult adjustment. Perhaps it would be justified in the fore and aft rigging for racing, but certainly not in the transverse shrouds. 
- With four parts the main sheet tackle has a lack of power, and would require a winch. The winch installation is foreseen, but leads to some complication in the mainsheet arrangements. 
- The cockpit is large and comfortable, providing room for five or six in good weather.
- The long tiller is impractical, and it is planned to deliver future yachts with wheel steering
- The Volvo diesel installed as standard is located below the aft dinette seat. It produces very little noise and vibration and gives enough power for normal use. The manouverability is good, also astern, and the fuel consumption small.
- The fore cabin is large with two berths and a large plexiglass hatch providing abundant light.
- Despite the moderate beam the dinette is very comfortable, and provides space for the whole crew, even if everybody wants to have their meal at the same time.
- The entire mid area to starboard is reserved for the galley, and the chef hardly has reason to complain about the amount of working surfaces and stowage. Our recommendation would be to choose a cooker with oven for this type of yacht.
- In general stowage volumes either in drawers or lockers are quite numerous and would satisfy normal needs.

Racing aspects:
- The hull has excellent balance irrespective of heeling angle, even when the side deck is immersed. On the wind there is weather helm but the yacht always stays in control.
- Close hauled the beat angles are often surprisingly small, with a good turn of speed. The Swan appears to be particularly capable of luffing briefly above the normal sailing angle without loosing speed or leeway.
- The exceptional balance allows the yacht to sail well under mainsail or genoa alone, but both sails are required for more power.
- The performance on the wind is excellent, but in strong winds she needs hard sheeting, the last centimetres make a big difference. The Lewmar winches on the test yacht were not powerful enough, and it is planned to use Barlow for future yachts.
- Even if the sail shape did not allow us to verify this, it appears that the performance on the wind in very light weather is particularly good.
- Downwind performance appears to be good, but the yacht clearly hesitated to surf with the waves, and refused to pass her theoretical hull speed.
- Off the wind she can carry a spinnaker well provided the helmsman is capable of preventing downwind rolling through proper use of the rudder.
- The balance when heeled on the wind as well as keel efficiency are good, and it appears the hull does not suffer from the lack of a trim tab.
- The roller reefing boom on the yacht did not enable the reefed mainsail to achieve a proper shape even with an efficient boom downhaul. There are slab reefing arrangements available now, and these would be preferable for both cruising and racing.
- The main sheet arrangement is not properly conceived, this includes the tag lines.
- The double headsail attachment at the bow is clever, and allows two sails to be tacked rapidly at the same time.
- Although a dinette is not considered suitable for racing yachts it can be pointed out here that the fold-up backrest in this case enables an upper and lower berth to be arranged on port side, and together with the two pilot berths aft provides a sufficient number of sea-going berths for this yacht.
- The large chart table on port side faces forward, and contains a useful chest of drawers.
- The space under the companionway could well be used for a foul weather gear locker
- Referring to the steering we think that the best solution for racing would be a slightly shorter tiller with an adjustable extension for demanding conditions, i.e. in strong winds or off the wind in general.
Unfortunately the Swan 36 arrives on the French market a little late compared to other One Tonners, and will see the market occupied by other designers. In any case this is an elegant, robust, and well built yacht providing great comfort, and she is a very good, safe, and fast cruising yacht. That said, our opinion is that under the present rating she has great potential for doing really well in the hands of a competent crew. Swan 36 is very fast on the wind and able to make life difficult for the competition, and gaining enough ground to compensate for a slight loss off the wind. 
To conlude Stephens reminds us all with this yacht that he is a great designer well aware of commercial realities, and possessing really impressive technical skills. André Costa

Boat's first name list from Swan Book and 2016 names from

00 Carolina III, wooden prototype or Catharina II!?
Tarantella, Tarentella
Adelfe, Adelfe
Casse Tête II, Carte Blanche
Finola, Finola
05 Dai Mouse II, ?
06 Swan, Cigno
Josian, Josian
Lyra of Wight, Bramble
Flyover, Flyover
Teleri, Doe
11 Half Pint, Esther (2020 For Sale)
12 Shangri La,
Scherzo of Brace, Scherzo, Dyslexia, Scherzo
Knalle, Creyola then Kajas
15 ? sold to USA
16 Chris V,
17 Marinette,
18 Blatand,
Tourunn, Arajeta
Diva, Diva
Lofna, Seamróige
22 Vedojaca,
23 Cygnet Of Mourne, Cygnet Of Mourne

24 Anette,
25 Valkyrie,
Hotspur, Hotspur R188
27 ? sold to Germany,
Abel Tasman IV, Abel Tasman IV 777
29 ? sold to USA
Merikotka, Merikotka
31 Sissela Böljeby,
32 ? sold to USA
Ceil 2, Ceil 2
34 Cygnet,
Sentia 2, Sentia 2 FRA 19546 (1999)
Jane, Cap de Garde, ex "Something", Phoenix
37 ? sold to USA
Hope, Parsifal
Kirsti II, Kristy II
40 Sheevra,
Sheevra GBR 2421
41 Kallisto,
Rondine, Rondine
43 Cellona,
44 Stella Maris, Something (For sale in 2021 located in Italy)
45 Marieta,
46 Xuxu, Xuxu

47 Flood Tide, Iskander
48 Koskaroba,
Johanna III, Johanna III
50 Cascadilla,
Aigrefs, Katadromeas
52 Salamanda, Leda, Tucano
Tucano IV, Tucano
8 Avril III, 8 Avril III FRA 36536
55 Aquila,
Gulliver II, Cantana L 6505
57 Ruthie T,
58 Tea II,
Musiu, Musiu
Galatea II, Galatea II based in San Francisco
61 Samantha, Swan von Flensburg
62 Elise,
Hedda II, Hedda
64 Northern Swan,
Stargazer of Ashton, Stragazer Of Ashton
Holly Go Lightly, Shaytana
Hoowincker, Talia FRA 27668
Foxtrot, Nora 6656, (2020 For Sale)
69 Pampero, Cygnet III

70 Sophie,
Aegeus, Natalia
Tapdance, Estrella
Neiafu, Swansong
74 Sabra,
Edelweiss, Edelweiss 3987
76 Wibble Wobble,
77 ? sold to UK,
Cecille, Cecille Swan European 2007
79 Lost in 69' fire
80 Valhalla of Ashton, Valhalla of Ashton
Nefertiti, Nefertiti 8120??
82 Lost in 69' fire
83 Lost in 69' fire
84 Lost in 69' fire
85 Lost in 69' fire
Vengeron, Embellie
Laura Lee, Camos
88 Bonsome,
Marcia, Viima
90 Lady Lindon, Freedom

91 Fågel Blå built by Nautor Foreman
La Vida
Black Rose

Liste des bateaux:

8 Avril III FRA 36536 Swan 36 #054 1969;

Adelfe L 111 Swan 36 #002 1967, 2005 27 aout, S&S Annual Regatta, Helsinski, 15.5 NM: 4e/7, Antti Muuronen, 2006 26 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 9e/23 Class B, Antii Muuronen;
Alpha Helix SWE 9958 Swan 36 19??, 1994 Sandhamn Open Race, 121 NM: 18e/25 IMS 1-4, 3 juillet, Gotland Runt, 425 NM: 32e/38 IMS 4, 1995 2 juillet, Gotland Runt, 421 NM: 20e/28 IMS 4, 22 septembre, Höstsvängen, 122 NM: 10e/11 IMS 1-4, 1996 15 juin, Sandhamn Open, 118 NM: DNF/19 IMS 1-4 Standard, 30 juin, Gotland Runt, 398 NM: 14e/14 IMS Standard, 1997 Sandhamn Open, 94 NM: 12e/12 IMS 3-4, 29 juin, Gotland Runt, 407 NM: 24e/29 IMS 4GR, 1998 28 juin, Gotland Runt, 407 NM: 17e/22 IMS 4, 2001 1 juillet, Gotland Runt, 335 NM: 61e/84 IMS 3 AGR, GBR 8241T 2023 7 July, Round The Island Race, elapsed time 9h27': 6e/78 SCRS Group 6;
? 54971 Swan 36 19??, 1993 4 juillet, Gotland Runt: 10e/27 IMS 5, 1994 ? juillet, Gotland Runt, 425 NM: 22e/26 IMS;
Anna Mai GBR 1716 Swan 36 1968, 2021 3 July, Round the Island Race, elapsed time 8h29': 6e/32 IRC Div 3C, 2023 16 July, 16th Taittinger RSYC Regatta: DNC/25 IRC 4, Harry Hutchinson;
Picture from Facebook 2021,
MK 57 Swan 36 ?, 2021 20 aout, Helsinski-Tallinna Race: 7e/10 Swan, Risto Niemi;
Avel Mor F Swan 36 19??;

Baby Swan NOR 9072 Swan 36 ?, 2001 8 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 64': 19e/28 TUR 6 en 19h54', Anton Wagstaff, 2002 14 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 44': 13e/18 Lys C 1,19-21 en 22h42', Oyvind Moe;
Blu Line - In Rotta ITA 4147 Swan 36 ?, 2018 14 octobre, Barcolana, Triestre: 708e/1644 classés (et 2696 Inscrits) Silvio Nauta;
Bramble GBR Swan 36 1968, 1995 May "Yachting World", "Fitting Out";

Camos FIN 087 Swan 36 #087 1970, 2016 29 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 29e/36, Jukka Knopp;
FIN 6505 Swan 36 #56 1969, 2005 27 aout, S&S Annual Regatta, Helsinski, 15.5 NM: 5e/7, Mikko Kaila, 2006 26 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 22e/26 Class D, Mikko Kaila, 2017 Seen on Finnish Racing boat list, Mikko Kaila;
Cap De Garde ? Swan 36 #36 1968;
Carte Blanche Of Helford GBR 879 Swan 36 #03 1968, ex "Casse Tête II";
Catharina II FIN 105 The First Ever Swan 36;
IRL 473 Swan 36 #78 ?, 2004 Round Ireland Race: 16e/45 IRC, George Radley;
Ceil II
KH 20 Swan 36 196?, 1970 21 March, China Sea Race, elapsed time 114h02': 11e/19, William Turnbull, 1974 26 March, China Sea Race, elapsed time 110h45': 2e/20, William Turnbull, 1982 3 April, China Sea Race, elapsed time 106h58': 3e/63 IOR, rating: 22.0', Bob Lavoo, 1986 23 March, China Sea Race, elapsed time 106h58': 15e/18 IOR, Nick Adams, 1994 31 March, China Sea Race, elapsed time 118h59': 40e/44 PYS, Nick Adams;
? Swan 36 #006 196? built as "Swan", 2017 From, fresh owners of Swan '36: " We, Samantha and Rob, are the fresh owners of a to be totally refitted Swan '36. Our shipyard Van Veen & Sons in the Netherlands has just started the refitting and we hope to sail our beauty in 2018.  1. We are thinking about a new name: Cigno, 2. We are looking for the original Hull number, first name was AKI and sold by Trans Marine Shipping Agency in London to a new USA owner in 1979. We have documents on that.... Maybe somebody can help us with our research, 3. Keep you posted on our progress!"
Picture from, 2017
Cygnet Of Mourne IR Swan 36 #23 1968;

Dulcinea US 17 Swan 36 ?, 1970 new owner: Ilmari Hiilivirta, 1976 Cape to Rio Race: ?e/148, Ilmari Hiilivirta;
1976 "Cape to Rio Race, Official Brochure",
Dyslexia ? Swan 36 #13 1968, renamed "Scherzo";

Elise NOR 3099 Swan 36 ?, 1992 Færderseilasen: 11e/45 Klasse 9/A, J.W. Dahl, renamed "See Bee";
Esprit L 6724 Swan 36 ?, 1993 Gotland Runt, 425 NM: DNF/31 IMS 3, 2009 & 2011 Seen on Finnish Racing Boat list;

Fagel Bla ORL 342 Swan 36 #091 1969 built by Nautor Foreman for his own use, 2006 26 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 1er/26 Class D, Göran Sjöholm, 2016 29 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: ?e/36;
Finola GBR 23806 Swan 36 #004 ?;
Flyover GBR 1464C Swan 36 #009 1967;
Free Spirit
NED 7493 Swan 36 ?, 2016 seen on Dutch Racing Boats list, C.B. van der Vorm;

Galatea II S 119 Swan 36 #60 ?, 2003 29 juin, Gotland Runt, 340 NM: 24e/22 IMS 3, 2005 3 juillet, Gotland Runt, 362 NM: 32e/62 ORC 2, 2006 2 juillet, Gotland Runt, 339 NM: 16e/339 ORC 2, 2016 Based in San Francisco;

Hedda SKR 1411 Swan 36 ?, 1999 4 juillet, Gotland Runt, 335 NM: 27e/38 ORC Club, 2006 26 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 23e/26 Class D, Sven Holmquist, not sure she is Swan 36 S&S;
(KA) R 188 Swan 36 #26 1969, 1969 Sydney-Hobart: 15e/79 elapsed time 4d08h35', Peter Packer, 2017 On Australian Racing boat list, Geoff Stevens;
1969 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Iloa NED 115 Swan 36 ?, 2006 26 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 25e/26 Class D, Tuomas Hirvonen, not sure she is Swan 36 S&S;
FIN 9936 Swan 36 ?, 2013 30 juin, Gotland Runt, 354': 14e/21 SRS B;
S 104 Swan 36 ?, 1993 Sandhamn Open, 120NM: ?e/14 IMS 6-8, 4 juillet, Gotland Runt: 2e/27 IMS 7-8, 1994 18 juin, Sandhamn Open, 121 NM: 14e/16 IMS 5-8, 3 juillet, Gotland Runt, 360 NM: 10e/30 IMS 7-8, 1995 2 juillet, Gotland Runt, 357 NM: 7e/25 IMS 7-8, 1996 8 juin, RevengeSvängen: 6e/7 IMS 5-8, 30 juin, Gotland Runt, 398 NM: 13e/16 IMS 7-8 Standard, 1997 Sandhamn Open, 94 NM: 2e/9 IMS 5-8, 28 juin, Gotland Runt, 346 NM: 4e/14 IMS 7-8GR, 1998 28 juin, Gotland Runt, 346 NM: 8e/16 IMS 7-8, 1999 4 juillet, Gotland Runt, 335 NM: 65e/76 IMS 2 MGR, 2002 9 juin, Östersjömaran - Deltagare: ?e/51, Hakan Spangmark, 2005 2 juillet, Sandhamn-Visby, 110 NM: DNF;

Johanna III SWE 116 Swan 36 #49 ?, 1996 24 aout, SYKs 2-dagars Regatta, 48 NM: 1-? ?e/17 IMS 4-8, 1997 Gotland Runt, 346 NM: 6e/14 IMS 7-8GR, 2003 16 aout, Kräftköret, 29 NM: 8e/16 LYS 2, 2006 26 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 11e/23 Class B, Sigvard Bahrke, 19 aout, Kräftköret: 10e/17 LYS 2;
ITA 1968 Swan 36 #007 ?, 2016 11 septembre, Swan Cup, Porto Cervo: ?e/??, Eugenio Alphaudery, 2017 21 - 25 June, S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2017, Marina di Scarlino:1er/10 class 36 to 44 feet, 2021 24 June, S&S Classic Rendez Vous, Marciana Marina: 1-?.. = ?e/11;

Kajas SWE 60 Swan 36 #014 1968, ex "Creyola", 2016 29 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 32e/36, Nilla Möller & Mikael Vaherjoki;
G 783 Swan 36 #41 ?, 2006 26 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 3e/26 Class D, Roland G'nass;
FIN 11840 Swan 36 #051 1969 built as "Aigefs", 2016 29 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 27e/36, Anssi Vaittinen;

Leda FIN 6099 Swan 36 #052 1969 built as "Salamenda";
? 5106 Swan 36 ?, 2019 Photo Facebook;

Lofna K Swan 36 #21 1968;
Lyra of Wight
K Swan 36 #08 1968, 1996 For Sale;
1996 Septembre "Yachting World",

Merikotka FIN 9669 Swan 36 #30 ?, 2004 Helsinski-Tallin Race: 20e/40 Lys 3, J. Knoop, 2005 27 aout, S&S Annual Regatta, Helsinski, 15.5 NM: 2e7, Jukka Knopp, 2006 26 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 10e/23 Class B, 2016 29 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 18e/36, Tuomo Hovi;

Nefertiti ? Swan 36 #081 1970, 1995 February "Yachting World" Sweden, 2016 For Sale, Completely restored Swan 36 in immacculate condition. Restored by Swan experts Dalsbruk in Finland in 2010 using the best available suppliers. Set-up for short-handed sailing with new sails, equipment and engine. Lying in Dalsbruk, Finland Price on application, Blue hull;
1995 February "Yachting World",

Petra ? Swan 36 19??, Pictures from Facebook 2023;

Phoenix ? Swan 36 #36 1968;
FIN 9936 Swan 36 ?, 2006 26 juillet, Swan Anniversary Regatta, Turku: 22e/23 Class B, J. Korvennranta, not sure she is Swan 36 S&S;
US 1120 Swan 36 ?, 2007 Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race: DNF PHRF, Edward Tarlov;

Rondine SWE 48 Swan 36 #42 ?, 2009

Sarnia IR Stephens 1966 built in Italy as a one off. She became the Swan 36 design;
Scherzo GBR 73R Swan 36 #13 1968, ex "Dyslexia";
See Bee
NOR 3099 Swan 36 #062 ?, ex "Elise", 1993 11 juin, Færderseilasen: 25/36 Klasse 5A, J.K. Moen, 1997 6 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 66': 19e/20 Lys C 1,13-14 en 34h37', J. W. Dahl, 1998 12 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 66': DNS/37 Lys C 1,13-14;
Seventh Heaven
L 7111 Swan 36 ?, 2009 & 2011 Seen on Finnish Racing Boat list;
Shaytana GBR 968R Swan 36 #66 1968 built as "Holly Go lightly";
Sheevra GBR 2421 Swan 36 #40 1969;
SWE 91 Swan 36 ?, 2017 Liros Stockholm SRS Cup : 154 - dnc - dnc - dnc - 27 = 309e/401, Lars Heden;
US 4588 Swan 36 #?? ?;
1995 February "Yachting World", 1995 March "Yachting World",
Stargazer Of Ashton K 285C Swan 36 #65 1969;
Suspect SWE 57 Swan 36 197?, 1988 Gotland Runt, ??? NM: 11e/21 Class IOR 5-6, Peter Andersson;

Talia FRA 27668 Swan 36 #67 1969 built as "Hoodwincker", 2013 basé à La Rochelle, dans le vieux port, navigue réguliérement...

Tarantella L 107 or FIN 36001 Swan 36 #001 1967;

Teleri K Swan 36 #10 1968, renamed "Doe";

Valhalla Of Ashton GBR 2496 Swan 36 #080 1967;
Valkyries US Swan 36 19??, 1990 7 september, Swan Cup, San Francisco: 6e/9 Div C, Terrie Iverson;
FIN 11016 Swan 36 #89 ? built as "Marcia", 2010 16 juin, Volvo Suursaari Race: 6e/17 LYS 4 Niklas Pakkasjärvi;


2022 February, picture from Facebook,

2017 Mai, A Vendre Swan 36 1968, visible 56, France, bon état, prêt à naviguer, 39 000 Euros, photos de l'annonce,

2007 "Seahorse",

Ceil II Swan 36 #033, picture from, 2017

?? USA ?? Swan 36 ?, 2016 ...;
From One Ton Class Facebook 2016


?? ??? ?? Swan 36 ?, 2016 ...;
From One Ton Class Facebook 2016

1969 Mars "Bateaux",