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à jour au: 2020
1976 Plan Stephens, Swan 38 # 54,

Suomi Kudu, K ????

1977 Octobre, Middle Sea Race: 3e/?? Classe III

Suomi Kudu, GBR 8758

2015 Comment änd picture from AZAB website, "In the last 20 years Suomi Kudu has cruised widely from Brazil to the Arctic Circle. Some 80,000 miles have been covered including 10 Atlantic crossings (4 solo)"

6 juin, AZAB: DNF/66, Peter CROWTHER

2017 29 mai, OSTAR, Plymouth to Newport RI: DNF/21, Peter CROWTHER

2020 Comment änd picture from OSTAR website, "Suomi Kudu:  a Swan 38 designed by Sparkman & Stephens in 1976. Under her present owner David Perkins she has cruised extensively from Brazil to Iceland in the last 30 years. Her primary winches are original with no self tailing. She has no auto pilot and her only means of self steering is a Pacific wind pilot. This OSTAR will be her sixth."