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Stormbird, IR 1432
à jour au: 2019
1981 Plan Jones, Oyster 43


Not built as One Tonner


1983 Juin "Course au Large",

Aout, Admiral's Cup: ?e/45, Irish Team: 11e/15,
including Fastnet Race: ?e/?? Classe II

1984 ISORA: 8e/26 A1, C.P. FOLEY

1985 May, Irish Team Admiral's Cup Trials: ?e/7, not qualified, C.P. FOLEY
25 May, "Stormbird just 60 seconds after the start of the very first race. The briefest touch was all that was required to snap off the top third of Stormbirds highly tensioned hollow alloy mast when it collided with the observing selectors' yacht Deerhound. After a few frantic phone calls, Foley, a Dublin barrister, sent Stormbird off to Holyhead under jury rig to collect a new mast, and was back racing within 24 hours."

1987 24 aout, One Ton Cup, Kiel: ?e/34,
ISORA: 10e/19 A1, C.P. FOLEY

"Stormbird won the RORC Transatlantic and the SORC Miami to Nassau races"

1990 Marstrand Sweden, picture from Facebook 2021,

Est-ce le même bateau? - Same boat?

Stormbird, GBR 1432 (ou 432)

Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2019,

Picture from Facebook 2019,

2011 Ship outside water

2019 December, Pictures from Duncan Richardson Facebook, "Maybe tatty but still beauty’s. In storage at Portaferry"