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Smackwater Jack, KZ 3455
à jour au: bateau disparu
1977 Plan Whiting, dériveur

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As a development of the Newspaper Taxi concept, Smackwater Jack featured a broad stern with a long sloping transom and pronounced beam amidships. As with Whiting's earlier designs, volume forward that was lost through an agressively concave waterline was replaced through a deeper forefoot, with a steep profile abaft the bow knuckle. A further topside concavity occurred near the transom in order to reduce volume and thereby minimise the after girth penalty. She had a longer rated length than her Farr-designed competitors (9.95m), and this was ofset by a higher measured displacement (4,519kg), but also allowed more sail area, set on a relatively simple but bendy single-spreader rig.

1977 "Smackwater Jack" on launching day - Okahu Bay, Auckland,

September, Sélection OTC Nouvelle Zélande: 1er/??,

2 novembre, One Ton Cup, Auckland: dnf - 6 - 4 - 6 - dnf = 9e/14, Murray ROSS

"L'Année Bateaux 1978-1979":

1978 Février "Régate":

1979 The boat was modified with a new rig, cabin and conventional companionway, and slightly more subdued gunmetal grey colour scheme
"Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",

December, Southern Cross: 12 - 10 - 7 - 4 = 3e/33, part of North NZ team: 5e/11, including Sydney-Hobart: 4e/?ttc, Paul WHITING

1980 Janvier, disparait dans la course Hobart-Auckland, avec l'architecte à bord (VV02-81)
Whiting and his crew then started in the 1980 Hobart to Auckland race, getting underway in calm conditions on 4 January. However, a storm developed in the Gulf of Carpentaria which crossed the north Australian mainland and entered the Tasman Sea as a full-blown cyclone, and tracked directly into the path of the Hobart-Auckland fleet. The Smackwater Jack crew managed to complete their scheduled radio call on 9 January, reporting that they were in difficult and heavy seas approximately 580 miles from Cape Reinga. That was, however, the last word ever heard from the boat, and a full scale search and rescue operation failed to find any trace of the yacht or crew. The NZ Herald reported in January 2008 that wreckage of part of the cockpit had been found on Ripiro Beach, on the west coast of the North Island, but this has not been subsequently verified.
Avril "Bateaux",

"L'année de la voile 1980",

Bateau disparu

Picture from One Ton Class website 2015,

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