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Rolling Stone, US 8658
à jour au: 2022
1975 Plan Charles Burns, construit par Stone Boat Yard in Alameda, C.A, made cold-moulded construction of 4 layers of 3/16" Honduras mahogany


Photos de la construction du bateau, Pictures from the builder:

Historique du bateau (commentaires en bleu) - Boat's History (Blue comments) from: 

"Her name has nothing to do with the ever-young rock band, but was chosen with regard to the boat yard, where she was built."

1975 Here is the advertisment:

September, launched

During the following years Rolling Stone won every important yacht race in the San Francisco Bay Area.

1983 New owner: Dolores and Robby Robinson

1985-1986 They had her interior professional re-done and finished

1988 Transpac Race, singlehanded: ?e/??, 13d05h, averaging 6.9 kn

1992 Dolores and Robby have cruised her from San Francisco to Alaska, back to San Francisco and south to Panama,

1995 Transiting the canal of Panama

1996 Then they sailed to Maine and Nova Scotia

1997 Sailing to Newfoundland

1998 Sailing back to New England

2000 Crossing the Atlantic to Scotland. Extensive maintenance work was done by the yard in Scotland to include re-painting of the deck, major repairs and refinishing of the house.
Robbys attempt to sail her back to the States across the Atlantic unfortunately failed due the stormy weather season which just had begun.

2000-2003 Based in Ardfern, Scotland

2003 For Sale
New German Owner, Marc Stadtaus: "... After serious inspection he decided to buy the yacht but he needed not only "some" assistance in sharing the risk of buying her but in particular in sailing her to Germany...
Scotland to Norway through the Caledonian Canal across the Northern Sea

September, Trip Norway to Germany

2004 - 2005 Time to work, After one year of drying

2005 October, Trip from Arnis to Braunschweig

2006 June, Trip from Heiligenhafen to Kappeln
6 juin,

2007-2010 "Right now she lays ashore in Braunschweig Habour for major repairs. The deck, the hull and cockpit needed to be reconditioned very badly. Special attention will be paid to the whole electrical system and equipment. Along with this the shore-power hook-up will be changed to european 230 V standard. Additional repairs or replacements are considerd for the propane system and the head. Unforunately, also one AGM-pack shows now, after fifteen years of serious operation, signs of fatigue and needs to be retro-fitted."

2015 27 juillet, Braunschweig Habour,

31 juillet,

2017 January, received from actual owner, Marc Stadtaus, the two links and few pictures from 2003 to 2015