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Roi Soleil, Z ??
à jour au: septembre 2017
1972 Plan Chance, Chance 37 #25

1972 Owned by a swiss

19?? New Owner: Joan Besaldush Vidal, Palma
Roi Soleil,
E 4941

"Was racing in several regattas at Mediterranean sea, formerly in Palma. Roi Soleil standed out as a very good racer and won many of them"

2008 Avril, vu sur liste de bateaux espagnols, Joan Besaldush Vidal, Palma

"After that, Roi Soleil had several owners and changed its name to "Cabo de Hornos" and "Analola II"."

Cabo De Hornos, E 4941

Analola II, E 4941

2014 Inscrit sur le site "Chance 37"

2017 New Owner: Fernando Tudó, Base harbour is now La Corunna.
Convoyage Majorque (Baléares)- La Corogne (About 1000 NM)
September, from Fernando Tudó (all informations in blue): "My intention is to return Roi Soleil to it's original state. The first thing I've done was changing its name back to launch name "Roi Soleil". Roi Soleil and I traveled from Murcia (Mediterranean sea) to La Coruna, in northwest Spain, where Roi Soleil will have its new home; that's about 1.000 miles and the test had the best result. Boat performance was magnificient; there was not any noise and boat structure is as stronger as it was at its launch time 45 years ago."
Roi Soleil, E 4941