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Regardless, US 40625
à jour au: 2021
1985 Plan Nelson/Marek, built by Kiwi, G Carlin,

1986 Janvier "Course au Large",

SORC: 2e/17 Classe 5, Bill CORCORAN
Avril "Course au Large",

One Ton Cup, Palma de Majorque: 9e/33, ?
Acheté par des Japonais

1987 Devait participer au SORC
July, North American One Ton, Chicago: 8e/19, Bill CORCORAN, Ida Lewis YC

1988 Comment from Facebook 2021 "I did the carbon layups inside the rebuilt bow following the original owner's collision at the 1988 One Ton NAs in Detroit. My brother "traded" Fair Lady for Regardless."

1994 LTYC Regatta: ?e/??
From Facebook 2021, "The Nelson Marek 40 Regardless headed upwind in the LTYC Regatta, 1994"

Picture from Facebook december 2021,

1995 Comment and picture from Facebook 2021 "She looked like this pic when first in Tampa, and KWRW/SORC in '95, before the mods by OH. Was down in the yard checking her out and he showed me several paint designs that had been sketched up. Asked me my favorite and I picked the one that ended-up on the boat. He noted that it was the owners favorite also. I think one or two were similar with different shades of blues & grey, another set had some reds and yellows I think."

2003 Chicago NOOD regatta, with Farr OT "Obsession" (formerly Freefall 2), picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2015:

2015 October, From One Ton Class Facebook: "OH Rodgers filled and faired out the stern sections in the mid-90s. I sailed on the boat in the Daytona-Bermuda race shortly after, we were 1st to finish (against boats up to 65') and corrected 2nd overall, despite breaking a running backstay and having to jury rig. I delivered the boat back to Fla from Bermuda, we had to lie a-hull for about 18 hours in a 50 knot storm. Good boat, and fast. Cool to see Regardless on the page, I was wondering when she would pop up. Spent many a day racing her in Chicago. Loved this boat and its great crew! Hope she finds a good home."

October, For Sale, 18 000 USD

2019 Picture from Facebook,

2021 December, from Facebook "Sorry folks she was abandoned on city island for 5 years. She was cut up 6 months ago. Was sad to see, I did save a cool part of the boat. I cut the bottom of the mast off with all the ski resort and regatta stickers. It’s really cool and in my shop."