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Hurrycane, S 5066
à jour au: 2019
1980 Plan Norlin, by Bertil Ledin in Lindingo (SWE) In "Gambler batar"

"Interesting thing is that Hurrycane is successor of the sailboat Gateway (S5066 Carter 1974) lot of hardware has been dismanteled from Gateway and installed on Hurrycane and both boats are sharing sailnubber ..."

Not built as One Tonner


1980 First owner is Ken Bruneflod

1981 Admiral's Cup: 161 pts, ?e/48, IOR: 30.9', Swedish Team: 9e/16

1982 Sardinia Cup, Porto Cervo: ?e/57, Swedish(?) Team: ?e/19
"The boat at Sardinia cup 1982 is on cover of the book about Norlin"

Picture from Facebook 2020,

???? New owner, ???, and renammed
Raven, S 5066

1985 One Ton Cup, Poole: 31e/38

Late 1980' "Boat is refited with new interior teakdeck and various things, mast, hull, keel and deck arrangement is more or less authentic and fits classic ior from early 80'"

From Facebook 2020,

???? New owner, ???, changes sailnumber into S 10532 and (according swedish sailing federation) renammed
Hurry Up, S 10532

???? New owner, ???, and renammed
Hurrycane, N ????

2018 Avril, New owner, R-d Kucan-Martinic, "I bought a boat last year in Mandal Norway named Hurrycane (Norwegian flag) but without norwegian sailnumbar. Sailed it up north to Alesund and started refit. My name is Arno Kucan Martinic", " At the moment i am searching for any technical documentation or paperwork connected to boat itself."

"After two week of refit we sailed the boat to Aalesund."

2019 May, "Hello last year became owner of Peter Norlin 40 S-5066 "Hurrycane", swedish AC 1981 and Sardinia cup 1982 right now investigating racing hystory of the boat and ownership. And restoring it."

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