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Bootlicker, K 3666
à jour au: 2013
1975 Plan Peterson, Contessa 35

1975 April, launched at Lymington, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Seine Bay Race: 3e/?? Classe III, ROGERS & PITTS
Cervantes Trophy race: 1st Classe III
Cowes Week: 4e/?? Classe II
Channel Race: 2e/25 Classe III elapsed time 42h43'
Fastnet Race: 13e/41 Classe III elapsed time 117h21'
Championnat du RORC: 3e/? Classe III,
September she was surveyed by Lloyds of London and purchased by JH Whitehead
19th of September she was loaded aboard the steamer "Oranje" and arrived in Cape Town in October
Club Trophy: 1st
Windsong Trophy: 1st

Bootlicker, SA 266
"Cape to Rio Race, Official Brochure",

10 janvier, Cape Town to Rio Race, elapsed time 22d18h34': 5e/128 ttc,
Then sailed back to Cape Town.
She amassed an impressive prize list. Presidents Cup. Commodores Prize. Ohlsson's Cup. Burradoo Trophy (Saldanah and return). Nosworth Cup. Barker Cup. Club Trophy. Windsong Trophy. JH Whitehead Trophy. Agulhas Race.

Mai "Neptune Nautisme", essai du bateau:

1977 She again won the Presidents Cup, the Windsong Trophy and the JH Whitehead Trophy.

1978 Agulhas Race: 1st
Cape Town Festival Cup: 1st
Commodores Prize: 1st

1979 Cape Town to Uruguay Race: 7e/?? ttc, GBR 4133
She cruised to Cape Town via the Magellan Straights and Tierra del Fuego
April 13th which was Good Friday, she rounded famous Cape Horn and passed a week in the Falkland Islands before returning in tremendous seas to Cape Town
Agulhas Race: 1st
Karl Reikson Memorial Trophy: 1st
S. Solomon Cup Race: 1st

1980 Paraffin Cup Race: 1st
Burradoo Trophy: 1st
Friendship Cup and the JH Whitehead Trophy: 1st

December, Bootlicker solded to Willem Gabriel Fournie.

???? New Name:

2013 December, For Sale lying Dominique Island... pictures from advertisement:

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