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Hati IV, (KZ) 111
à jour au: 2018
1974 Plan Peterson, Contessa 35 #03

1974 Picture from "Official Guide to The One Ton Cup..." (Facebook 2020),

17 juillet,
One Ton Cup, Torbay, UK: 8 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 6 = 3e/33, C. BOUZAID
1st and 3rd. Even with these finishes the Contessa 35 was not the production boat champion, as only six boats had been built at the time and therefore did not qualify as a series production boat.
Octobre "Neptune Nautisme",

Novembre "Voiles et Voiliers":

Picture from Peterson Facebook 2019

1976 Mi Juillet, Semaine Internationnale de la Mer Egée: 1er/??,
Février "Bateaux",

2018 Hati IV is for sale in Greece in almost original condition out of the water on the hard

Picture from Facebook 2021,