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Ganbare, US 37665
à jour au: 2019
1973 Plan Peterson #11, construit en bois au chantier Eichenlaub, Californie. (The limited budget allowed only 4 winches).

Dossier plus complet sur le site "RB Sailing blog"
Complete file on "RB Sailing blog"

1973 21 May, North American One Ton Cup Championship, San Diego: 1 - 4 - 2 - 4 - 1 = 1er/16, PETERSON
6 septembre,
One Ton Cup, Porto Cervo: 2e/24, PETERSON.

Bateau vendu avant la fin de la One Ton Cup - Sold at the end of OTC.
Octobre "Voiles et Voiliers":

Novembre "Neptune Nautisme",

et "Gambare" dépasse "Ydra":

From One Ton Class Facebook 2016:

"American Boating",

Picture from Facebook 2021,

Ganbare, I 6088
Semaine de Gênes: 2e/10 OT, Enrico ISENBURG
Giraglia: 14e/34 Classe III

1975 Giraglia: 4e/29 Classe III, ORSENIGO

1976 SNIM, Marseille: 9e/21 Classe III
Semaine de Gênes: 1er/?? Classe III

1999 Nioulargue, Saint Tropez: 1er/?? Classe III

2007 Her carefully, philological and conservative restoration was carried on by Cantiere Pezzini in Viareggio, Italy in about 15 months. The outstanding yacht was re-launched on September 9 2007. The owner, more an art collector than a racing yachtsman showed Ganbare very few times in classic yacht races, but as soon as she was launched, she won the Vele Storiche Viareggio in her class and received the Mopi Trophy for the widest and detailed documentation of her restoration.

2008 18 octobre, IOR Revivals, Viareggio: ?e/??

2013 For sale in Tuscany
R B Sailing blog's pictures

2014 For sale 1972 Doug Peterson Sloop, Year: 1973, Current Price: EUR 55,000, Located In Tuscany, Italy, Hull Material: Wood

New owner, Don WOOD

2016 Septembre, Régates Royales de Cannes: 1 - (6) - 4 - 1 = 2e/16 Classique, Don WOOD

Boat is based in Cannes
Picture from One Ton Class Facebook

2018 Mars, reçu d'Antoine,

Septembre, Régates Royales de Cannes: ?e/?? Classique, Don WOOD

2019 Avril, from Don Wood: " Attached some images of Ganbare (with blooper!) racing at Regates Royales last year",

For Sale, 70 000 Euros, visible Canne, France, (dossier complet: lien)

Picture from Facebook 2020,