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Mayhem, K 776
à jour au: 2019
1980-81 Plan Peterson built by Kiwi boats Florida


1980-81 Design for David May of the Berthon yacht company Lymington cheers

1981 SORC: 3e/?? Class D
"Sydney-Hobart Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 46e/159 corrected time 4d03h09', TCF 0.8507, David MAY

1985 November "Seahorse",

???? New owner, John KILLEEN

John sailed her very competitively for a number of years on the Irish circuit

1992 Round Ireland Race: 23e/47, John KILLEEN
Pictures from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2020,

1995 or 1996 New owner, Tom Mc Carthy

2002 Cork Week: ?e/?? IRC, Tom Mc CARTHY
Picture from Photoaction,

Pictures from Tom Mc Carthy 2019

2019 January, For Sale in Cork,

Tom Mc Carthy "I sailed her in Club races in Kinsale and Cork Harbour for nine years during which she was loved and cared for, I will post photos tomorrow from Cork Week 2002 when she was in all her glory, however she has sadly fallen into into a pretty poor state. I really hope somebody buys her and brings her back to life"