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Odiseus III, E 1359
à jour au: 2024
1974 Plan Peterson, Contessa 35 #??

1976 One Ton Cup, Marseille: ?e/43, L. G. MECA

19?? New owner, and new name
Brut Nature, ESP 1359

1996 February, XXIe Interclubs Zona Centre, Barcelona: ?e/11 Groupo Cr, Francesco SOLDEVIDA

1997 February, XXIIe Interclubs Zona Centre, Barcelona: 2e/13 C4B

1998 February, XXIIIe Interclubs Zona Centre, Barcelona: ?e/?? IMS/C, Francesco SOLDEVIDA

Cava, ESP 1359

2000 Les Voiles de Saint Tropez: 1st/??

"In all these years, this Contessa 35 won several Zegna Trophies, Conde de Godó, Barcelona Interclubs, SSM Trophy, La Ruta de la Sal and many others that have been lost in the backroom of memory."

2021 Racing in Barcelona

2022 new owner

Odiseus, ESP 1359

2024 April, Campionat de Catalunya: 3e/??
Pictures received from Juan,

June, from Facebook,