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Black Magic, US ????
Last update: 2024
197? Plan Peterson, Contessa 35 #??, (black with gold stripes)


1977 OT North Americans: 2e/?

1978 San Diego Yachting Cup: ?e/??, Max GORDON
From Facebook 2018,

1979 La Paz Race: 1st/21

1980 November "Latitude 38", For Sale

198? New owner and new name, with new blue paint
Blue Blazer, US 8668

2012 31 August, Windjammer's Race: 1st/6 B Class cruising division, Michael SHINSKY

From 2013 forum "Heard a story about a Contessa 35 (Peterson design) called Black Magic. Owned by Max Gordon. As the story goes, Gordon cut some kind of deal to get some carbon from a gut he knw in the biz. Supposedly the stringers and ribs, ruder/stock and some foredeck reinforcement. The story goes the boat did quite well, bu I can't find any info on her. Later the boat was sold, painted blue and renamed Blue Blazer. Supposedly the next oiwner became a 2 boat owner and Blue Blazer wasn't selling. Then she mysteriously was "stolen" and "recovered" minus the boom, backstay, cushions, a couple of winch drums and stove. Just enough for an insurance total. Kinda like to know how much of the story is true and how much made up. Ther IOR days sure had some fun."

20?? New owner
Black Magic, US ????

2023 Refit

2024 Comment & pictures from Facebook, "Taking new to us CO35 for the first time out in the SF bay. She performed like a champ, hitting 8.5 knots in moderate winds flying only a jib. All that despite the rust, both literally and figuratively, caused by the elements and years of neglect. She a rescue on a way to the chop block. Stay tuned for more updates as we will be slowly bringing her back to her former glory. If anyone in the group knows this boat, please let me know. The name on the transom is faded but one of the words is Blazer(?). It would be fun to trace down her history. There were only three CO35s on the US West Coast that I can tell."

From Facebook "She’s Black Magic, fka Blue Blazer and now returned to her original name. You can clearly see the old name under the stripped coat of blue paint. With the bottom and hull done, next comes the deck on the (long!) list of this revival of a champ project."

May, From Facebook