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Gumdrop, K 3669
à jour au: 2021
1974 Plan Peterson, Contessa 35


From Ian Fyfe and Bubblegum document (2018), "In 1974, the One Ton Cup was held on the Solent, amid much publicity. Iain became interested in a Doug Petersen-designed 35-footer, built by Jeremy Rogers. There were three built by Jeremy, all of which competed in the One Ton Cup. Iain commissioned the building of a fourth, called Gumdrop, with a different deck and interior layout. The hull was identical to Gumboots, the winner of the One Ton Cup. In 1975 he took part in the Tomatin Trophy (Comet Wheel Series) with Gumdrop as a member of the LYC team. They won the event. earlier"

1975 West Highland Week: ?e/??, Ian FYFE
Novembre, bateau transporté à Cap Town par cargo

1976 "Cape to Rio Race, Official Brochure",

10 janvier, Cape-Rio Race, temps réel ?': 7e/50 classés
, (bateau écossais), Ian FYFE
Bangor - Cork Race: 1er/?? (Is she the same boat?!)

1977 West Highland Yacht Week (WHYW): 1er/?? Class 1, (won all 11 races)

1979 Sold to scottish Iain Mc Pherson

1980 Clyde Cruising Assoc. : 2e/?? Div A, D. FINDLEY & I. McPHERSON

1985 Scottish Series: ?e/??,
Picture from Historic Scottish Series Images,

CCC Ofshore Points Championship: ?e/? Div A

1989 New owners, Tom et Diaina Andrews, based in North Ireland

1994 Rover Series, Scottish Series: 2e/27 CHS 3, T. & D. ANDREWS

1995 3 March, seen of a list of more yachts that raced in Strangford Lough, T. & D. Andrews

19?? Narrow Regatta Series: 1st/??,
Picture from Historic Scottish Series Images,

Gumdrop, GBR 3669T

1997 Scottich Series: ?e/??
Picture from North Ireland... Facebook 2019,

1998 New owner, Derek Gilmore

2002 South Rock race: ?e/??
Picture and comment from Facebook 2021 "Here we are rounding the old light ship in the 2002 South Rock race"

2004 West Highland Week: ?e/??
Picture from North Ireland... Facebook 2019,

2009 D2D: ?e/??

2010 20 juin, Conway Media Round Ireland Race, 704': 17e/38 IRC en 6j01h35' Coeff: 0,958, Derek GILMORE
Picture from Conway Media Round Ireland Race website

2015 August, For Sale Contessa 35 1974, Location: Strangford Lough Down UK

2017 New owner, Hugh Wallace, based in Oban, Scotland

July, West Highland Week: ?e/??
August, picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook, "sitting quietly in Dunstaffnage"

Tobermory West Highland week: ?e/??
Pictures from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2020,

2021 New paint
May, Pictures from facebook,