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Waylon, US 49433
à jour au: 2021
1978 Plan Peterson built Cooper Yachts - Peterson 35 (Ganbare one tonner design)

???? New owner and new name,
US 49433

2010 For sale,

September, New owner

"I purchased Blackheart in September of 2010 and she was biginning to show her age as the previous owner was not able to keep up with the maintenance. Besides needing a thorough scrubbing inside, she has a few major issues;
foresail foil is outdated and held together with duct tape - New Harkin Mark IV on order sails are pretty rough - repairs will see us through a season or two, but new sails are on the wish list, replace #4 luff tape with #6 for new furler, replace halyards and sheets, replace mast base stand up blocks with base collar and new teardrop blocks, repair/replace foredeck hatch , eck leaks - all through deck mounted hardware will be resealed - apply fresh coating of Cetol, deck rot - two small sections of teak deck will need replacing, cockpit rot - two small section of the cockpit side walls are rotten this boat was built for serious racing and has no lazerette seating which I intend add
cabin top rot - small area of rot near mast ...

2012 "So we've spent the summer sailing in Howe Sound and English Bay.  Here's a few highlights"

Pictures from Facebook 2021,

20?? New owner and back to original name,
US 49433

2021 Pictures from Facebook,

"Definitely a Peterson 35 hull. Deck and cabin definitely custom built.  Here is a blog from a previous owner who did a resto just 10 years ago."