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Legende, US 40055
à jour au: avril 2015
1984 Plan Peterson, construit au chantier Janneau, France

Dossier plus complet sur le site "RB Sailing blog"
Complete file on "RB Sailing blog"

From RB Sailing Blog: "Legende was a Doug Peterson-designed One Tonner, based on and moulded from the production Jeanneau Sun Legende 41, with the mould 'blocked off' to improve its rating under IOR. The yacht was built as a promotion for the Sun Legende, and wanted a boat that could compete with the Beneteau One Tonners such as Coyote and the first (1984) version of Fair Lady. Legende was built to compete in the 1985 SORC, and was similar in proportions and aesthetics to many of the fractional One Tonners of the era, including the Farr yachts such as Total Eclipse. Legende was the first high tech custom racing boat that Jeanneau had ever built, and unfortunately she was delivered two months late and she ended up being launched on just the day before the 1985 SORC. The first time the sails were hoisted was on the way to the startline and she simply hadn't been properly optimised and rated about 0.2ft higher for the series than she should have (30.7ft IOR), and just higher than the One Ton limit of 30.55ft."

1985 "Legende" being launched a day before the start of the 1985 SORC series (photo credit P Bishop)

SORC: 9e/18 classe 5, Buddy MELGES
From RB Sailing Blog: "The main problems were that Legende's keel was too heavy, and she had too much internal ballast. Jeanneau had installed the same engine used for the production Sun Legende 41's and it was too heavy and was fitted with the wrong propeller. The boat was skippered Buddy Melges, and performed strongly on the triangles, exhibiting strong upwind speed, but was less successful in the long distance races. Legende finished the regatta in eighth in class and ninth overall, in a year dominated by One Tonners, but could have been in the top five if the rating had been tuned to 30.55ft.

May, new keel designed by Bill Tripp, and engine installation issues were resolved

July, her hydraulic controlled rigging was removed and replaced, making for a much lighter setup.

One Ton North Americans: ?e/??, Bill TRIPP
Monhegan Race: 2e/?? IOR
Septembre "Course au Large", publicité

Picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2016:

1987 Monhegan Race: 1er/?? PHRF

1989 Monhegan Race: 1er/?? PHRF

1990 Monhegan Race: 2e/?? PHRF

From RB Sailing Blog: "From 1986 to 1991, Legende was campaigned heavily throughout New England, including in Newport, Marblehead, Maine and the New York end of Long Island Sound. She was a consistent winner, winning her class in the New England PHRF Championships several times. Legende won many other regattas and season championships too."

1991 Sold Legende two partners from Charleston, SC.

199?-???? From RB Sailing Blog: "New owners had a falling out and their bank foreclosed on their loan and assumed ownership, storing the boat at Knight Marine, Rockland. In spite of many offers over the years the bank never sold Legende and just let it sit there. Finally, they sold it for a partial payment on the accumulated yard fees to a longtime Legende crew member who restored her."

From RB Sailing Blog: "Legende" lies in Knight Marine in Rockland, circa 1992"

2015 April, "located in Thomaston, Maine, still on dry land but by all accounts in good condition, although the deck needs some cosmetic work and the engine would require replacement."