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Combat II, K 3643
à jour au: 2018
1979 Plan Peterson, Contessa 35

1979 Owner: G.H. Bottomley, home port: Southampton  
Fastnet race: DNF 

Picture received from Emanuel Sabene

Picture from Jeremy Rodgers Facebook 2016,

1990 October "Seahorse" For Sale:

1991 May, New owner: C.Mollon,
... For Sale
November, new owner: C.Grassi Alessi and new name:
ELEA, K 3643

Years later Elea participated to some "Campionato Invernale " in Fiumicino

2012 400 miles roundtrip sailing from Fiumara (Rome) via Corse and Sardinia (YouTub Vidéo)

2014 Home port: Fiumara (Rome, Italy)
6 avril, Riva Per Tutti, Roma, 539': 6e/7 IRC, Carlo GRASSI ALESSI
24 Juillet-Aout, croisiére en mer Ionniéne
5 octobre, Mail from Emanuel Sabene, with informations and pictures:

2016 Pictures from Internet...

2017 9 avril, Riva per 2 per Tutti, 215NM, elapsed time 88h30', 5e/8 IRC, Carlo GRASSI ALESSI

2018 9 avril, Riva per 2 per Tutti, 215NM, DNF/11 IRC, Carlo GRASSI ALESSI