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Country Boy, KZ 3030
à jour au: 2021
197? Plan Farr #051, LOA 36'9", quillard,

1977 January, Auckland-Suva Race - Fuji: 1st/??
NZ National One Ton: 1st/??
2 November, One Ton Cup, Auckland: 7e/14, ALCON (French team)

1978 Clipper Cup, Hawaï: 10e/39, rating 27.5', Clyde COLSON, part of NZ Team
From Facebook 2021 "It’s the 1978 Clipper Cup in Hawaii with the Farr one Tonner Country Boy of NZ owned and helmed here by Clyde Colson to windward of The Magic Pudding (B195) being helmed by Half Ton World Champion Thomas Stephenson. Clyde sailed Country Boy to and from Hawaii twice from Auckland. Country Boy is still sailing from Hawaii which is great news .  from Clyde Colson."

Country Boy, US 29126

1981 July, Transpac, elapsed time 12d07h33': 6e/17 IOR D, J. SCHMIDT/W. STABLEY

2001 Racing in Hawai,
Picture from Facebook 2022, (black boat),

2021 Comments from Facebook 2021 "Country Boy is still sailing from Hawaii which is great news" &
"Last time I saw Country Boy the hull was black with red stripes"