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Dusselboot, G 2929
à jour au: 2020
1980 Plan Judel/Vrolijk, built in aluminium by Yachtafenwerft, IOR: 30.0', light-medium displacement yacht (12,700lbs)

This boat was not built as a One Tonner

Plus d'informations et photos sur "RB Sailing blog"

Put on show in Düsseldorf
Round The Island, Cowes: 1er/??
Admiral's Cup: 15e/48, German Team: 3e/16, (lost her mast in the Channel Race), rating: 30.0', including Fastnet Race: 5e/58 Class II
From Internet, One Ton Class Facebook, 2014:

1982 New owner, Tilmar Hansen, who made some tweaking and improvement and renamed her
Outsider, G 2929
September, Sardinia Cup, Porto Cervo: ?e/57, German Team: 10e/19,
Novembre "Yachting A Voile",

1983 Admiral's Cup: 5e/45, German Team: 1er/15

Sold to US owner

Outsider, US 32921
SORC: ?e/??

"Spring Boat International", extrait d'une publicité:

November "Yachting",

2012 She is in an unused state in Massachusetts

All pictures from "RB Sailing blog"

2015 July, For Sale, “Outsider” IOR One Ton – Ex Admirals Cupper – winning team, “Outsider” IOR one ton designed by Judel / Vrolijk build by Yachtwerft Wedel in Germany during the winter of 1980/1981. The boat was exhibited as breaking edge yacht design at the Boot boat show in Duesseldorf, Germany the spring of 1981 named at the time Duesselboot. She was specifically designed for the 1981 Admirals Cup. Build from Kevlar on Balsa core with a carbon rudder stock She sailed in 1981 for the German team and placed third with the German team. Quite the achievement since the mast came down during the Channel Race and was repaired, re rigged overnight, adding a set of spreaders. Team boats were “Pinta” now in a museum in Germany and “Container”. She was again part of the German team in 1983 under the Name “Outsider” this time she won with the team. She is mostly unmolested, still with original tiller steering, original rig and engine (3 cylinder Bukh diesel still works great) The extensive original deck hardware is in place, all serviceable. The sails are old and mostly good for day sailing. I have a porta potti on board, -there are no cushions or soft goods, but most of the pipe berth are still with the boat. Currently the topsides are stripped of old putty and paint, the deck is soft and needs work. The hull has few spots along the sheer where water made its way into the laminate but she is still solid. She needs work but is a beautiful shape and has a great history. She would make a excellent PHRF performer to take your friends racing with. Also the IOR class is going through a resurrection and ¼ and ½ ton classes are racing regularly. One ton just had a big get together in New Zealand. She needs a good home. Located Rhode Island, $14,900, pictures from advertissement:

2020 January, "The beginning of a new spirit in German Offshore sailing, 1981 -2019 First Sponsorship ever in offshore sailing and initial begin of a decade for more than 10 years of GERMAN OFFSHORE SAILING SUCCESS STORY, DÜSSELBOOT (Fietje) Judel & (Rolf) Vrolijk Design, Such a nice morning and flashback during the presentation of OUTSIDER/DÜSSELBOOT at boot Düsseldorf Jan 21st 2020 at hall 15 during the BOOT in Düsseldorf. Ex-Boat captain of Sabina Tim Kröger, Builder Michael Schmidt & Sponsor Abdul Adib (Ex-Director boot) spoke about the development of the project and revealed some nice anecdotes about the yacht that won under the name OUTSIDER the Admiral's Cup with Team Members Sabina and Pinta in 1983. OUTSIDER/DÜSSELBOOT was just back from a long journey of the US East Coast - thanks to the present BOOT Director Petros Michelidakis - the famous AC Yacht was presented to the public with big interest. ... Today’s designing legend and America s Cup Hall of Famer Tom Schnackenberg did support Hein Kersken head sail designer and Albert Schweizer back up designer and head of production at North Sails Germany. Michael Schmidt did mention in that time being also the challenge of acceptance with this young project in the strike with the Establishment of the other owners in Germany and the breakthrough with the help and support of Rubin owner Hans Otto Schümann that was a milestone and the beginning of a winning strike 1983, 1985 and 1993. For Abdul Adib (Ex-Director boot) this has been a hard work to convince the Düsseldorf NOWEA Exhibition Management that this would be exactly the right project to strengthen and make the BOOT stronger and market leader in Boatshows in Germany and Europe. The name of the Yacht DÜSSELBOOT became the nickname of the Boatshow for many many years.........and today the BOOT is the World leading Show in Watersports."