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Outsider, G 2929
à jour au: 2024
1985 Plan Judel/Vrolijk, built by Dinniger & Mayle

Budget investi: 450 000 DMark, (Source "CourseAu Large")
13 July, One Ton Cup, Poole: ? - 1 - ? - ? - dnf = 32e/38
Picture from Facebook 2020 "First race",

July "Seahorse",

Admiral's Cup
: 3 - ? - 3 - 15 - Fastnet: 2 = 2e/54, German Team: 1er/18
, Rating 30.2, et Achim GRIESE
Septembre "Course au Large"

Novembre "L'Année Bateaux"

November "Seahorse",

1986 New owner, new flag and new name,
Skye Hie, US 42929
February, SORC, Miami: 9e/17 Classe 5
Picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2015,

1987 July, North American One Ton, Chicago: 4e/19, Bruce McLEOD
Great Lakes Newspaper,

Picture from Facebook 2022, noted as "Old Outsider"

199? New owner Jay Campbell

From Facebook 2024 Jay Campbell "I owned Outsider, did a 2 year refit on her?", "Just after the refit was completed ALIR was the first race we entered"

From Facebook 2023 "OT 1985 Judel Vrolijk "OUTSIDER" won the 85 Admirals Cup, found its way to the East Coast campaigned as Skye Hie, eventually donated to Cornell University. I found her with about a foot of water sitting in the cabin. 2 year refit sailed quite a bit then got the bug for another project and sold her. Anyone know where she is? Great boat "

200? New owner John Kelly and new name,
Aphrodite, USA ?????

20?4? Sitting on the hard

2024 January, from Facebook "Is anyone interested in Aphrodite, a 1985 Judel & Vrolijk one tonner? She has been sitting on the hard for about 20 years and will need a full refit. She is sitting in Oyster Bay, NY, and there is a recent survey available. She is going to end up in a landfill if nobody scoops her up before July."