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Dame und Herr, G ?
à jour au: 2018
1986 Plan Judel/Vrolijk, built by Shütz

Dossier plus complet sur le site "RB Sailing blog"
Complete file on "RB Sailing blog"

German One Ton Cup Trials: Non qualifié. FRIESE
I-Punkt, G 3063
Juin "Seahorse":

Admiral's Cup: 29 - 3 - 2 - 37 - 33 = 21e/42, FRIESE & RAUDALSH, Team Austria: 9e/14
Probléme de safran pendant le Fastnet.
24 aout, One Ton Cup, Kiel: 5 - 8 - 10 - 20 - 20 =
9e/?, FRIESE
September "Offshore",

Picture from Internet, One Ton Class Facebook June 2016,

The crew of I-Punkt were accused of moving up to 200 litres of water ballast during the preceding Admiral's Cup to boost her stability upwind, and was doing the same at Kiel. For yachts designed to a certain minimum level of stability under the centre of gravity factor component of the IOR rating formula, this was a serious issue.
November: I-Punkt was subsequently disqualified from the Admiral's Cup, and disqualification from the One Ton Cup followed soon afterwards.

1988 Février "Régate",

Photo trouvée sur One Ton Class Facebook 2017,

Go, ? ????

2014 From One Ton Class Facebook: "One-Ton "GO!" build 1987 at yard Schuetz/YW Wedel/Germany, design by Judel/Vrolijk, formaly "i-Punkt", "Spirit of Nippon"...":

2015 September, from One Ton Class Facebook,

Will get a new refit in 2016, in Sweden...

2016 Octobre, from One Ton Class Facebook,

2017 Avril, from Internet, One Ton Class Facebook,

Octobre, from Internet, One Ton Class Facebook,

2018 July, from One Ton Class Facebook,


Information from "RB Sailing blog"