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??, US 32998
à jour au: 2015
1984 Plan Joubert, built in France

When it retired from the one design class it was donated to the Naval Academy where it was renamed:
Phantom, US 32998

19?? After three years it was sold and raced in the Detroit area under the name of
Player, US 32998

19?? Then sold to ? and renamed:
Twisted, US 32998

1998 Cove Island Race: 9e/10 PHRF D en 56h10',

2000 Cove Island race: 19e/21 PHRF B en 52h28',

2001 Cove Island race: 12e/17 PHRF C,

2002 Cove Island race: 3e/21 PHRF B,

2003 Cove Island race: 2e/20 PHRF C en 47h12',

2004 Cove Island race: 12e/15 PHRF C en 67h34',

2005 Cove Island race: 10e/13 IRC G en 41h39',

2006 Cove Island race: 11e/12 IRC D en 44h33', IRC: 1.066,

2008 Cove Island Race: 13e/16 IRC D en 33h26',

2011 Juillet, Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac: 13e/19 Section 05 en 53h28', Coeff: 0.901,
Picture from Farms Boat Club website:

2014 Cove Island Race: 26e/128 Division 2 en 38h19', William H. DARBEE

2015 Still based in Ontario Lake;