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?, KC ????
à jour au: 2021
1985 Plan Joubert/Nivelt, molded at Wigger's Custom Yacht

? Mustang, CAN 84991

132nd LYRA Annual Regatta - Freeman Cup: ?e/??

Grafitti, CAN 84991

2016 27 juillet, 132nd LYRA Annual Regatta - Freeman Cup: 3e/4 PHRF 1, Leigh DAVIDSON
6 aout, FBYC Regattta: 6e/6 A-FS Fleet, 2h58' elapsed time,
Octobre, Picture and Information from One Ton Class Facebook,
""Grafitti CAN 84991" as she is known these days looking like a Regatta Warrior on the Great Lakes out of Whitby Yacht Club, Whitby Ontario (Canada) ... A 1985 Joubert/Nivelt design she was molded at Wigger's Custom Yacht originally for the Admirals Cup (LORC) ... Although it is getting tougher to compete against these new designed sports boats she is still a force to be reckoned with on medium to long distance courses ... in this picture we had just finished the "Stone Haven Cup" sailing her double handed against fully crewed yachts placing 3rd respectfully."

2021 October, From Facebook " I've begun work refitting a 1985 Joubert/Nivelt design, Wigger's built one tonner named Grafitti sailed on Lake Ontario, Canada. She has refitted in the 90s with a stainless steel and lead torpedo keel and rudder. Due to her extreme draft of over 9 feet in our relatively shallow lake, she sat unused until I took her on for a refit and draft reduction. I worked for a few years at a boat yard and with a can do attitude have begun doing all the work myself with handtools with the help of my lovely wife! I apologize ahead of time to the purists for "bastardizing" what was a beautiful well performing keel setup, but she was essentially useless on this lake other then in the deepest harbours! Here are a few photos of the work so far!"

"we didn't change anything under the floor since it was reinforced by Wiggers after the keel replacement. I have added 400 additional pounds to make up for the 2 feet of keel I've cut off. This essentially translates into the same righting force applied to the hull while heeled, so I figured no additional material was needed there. What's your take on it?"