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Sagnak, TK 666
à jour au: juin 2016
1983 Plan Joubert, "Diva" sister ship, build in Uskudar in Istanbul at Arduman Deniz Araclari LTD

"The boat was manufactured in Uskudar in Istanbul at Arduman Deniz Araclari LTD and it was ordered by my father Cetin Doker who passed away when we were taking the boat together from Bodrum to Istanbul on 02/07/2006
The only difference is our boat is made out of wooden Coldmoulded diagonal with West System Epoxy and it is 5.612 kgs after Mr.Joubert visited and seen that the boat is stiffer (in meaning of hull) and lighter than the original Kevlar version so he had 500 kgs of ballast installed in the bilge for increasing stability!

1984 End of June, launched

Sagnak, TUR 666

2006 2 July, during a race between Bodrum and Istanbul, the owner Cetin DOKER passed away...

2014 Pictures from One Ton Class Facebook,

2015 November, pictures from Sagnak Doker

2016 14 May, relauching after refit, pictures from Sagnak Doker

22 June,

22 June, received all information in blue and pictures from owner, Sagnak Doker: "... Since 2006, I was trying to restore the whole boat and only this year it will be ready to race in a month time! Mast is original Francespar made by John Green and the one we have is the 3rd unbreakable version of Diva the previous masts as Diva broke their mast twice as far as i know my father ordered the unbreakable version of it :) it is 160x110 with 14mm wall thickness tapered all along the lenght with no jumpers. I have modified the mast head to lenghten the backstay crane 30 cms more to the aft, new pivoted spreaders, all modification made by myself (as We are a mast manufacturer in Turkey) and new Navtec Rigging from Navtec Sud France"