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Juno, K 505
à jour au: 2021
1987 Plan Humphreys, Built by Adrian Thompson

1987 July "Yachting World", (See below-Voir l'article ci-dessous)

July "Seahorse":

Aout "Bateaux":

Admiral's Cup: 31 - 7 - 16 - 43 - 2 (Fastnet) = 9e/42, HURST & PEACOCK, British Team: 2e/14
Photos ?, archives revue "Bateaux",

24 aout, One Ton Cup, Kiel: 18 - 10 - 30 - 6 - 6 = 10e/??

1988 Kenwood Cup, Hawai: ?e/?? Accidenté.
4 septembre, One Ton Cup, St Francisco: 18e/25
Novembre "Seahorse":

Novembre "Seahorse":


Picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2016,

Citroën, F 8505
Spi Ouest France: 14 - 12 - 25 = 15e/39 IOR, William BOREL
Mars, Photos D. Bourgeois, archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Photos G. Le Cossec, archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Cervantes Trophy: 2e/?? IOR 1 en 32h33' temps compensé.

Juin "Régate":

Tour de l'Ile de Wight: ?e/??? ttc,
Aout "Bateaux":

Admiral's Cup, équipe d'Irlande: 41e/42
Pictures from Facebook 2019,

Champion du RORC Classe 1, et Yacht of the Year.
Nioulargue: ?e/??
Novembre à Hyéres: 2e/?? IOR 2 à 4

1990 Mars "Bateaux",

Spi Ouest France: 4e/6 IOR 1-4, William BOREL, au deuxiéme plan:

Tour de l'Ile de Wight: ?e/??? ttc,

De Guingand Bowl: 1er/? Classe 1 IOR,
Cowes-Dinard: 1er/? Classe 1 IOR
Morgan Cup: 1er/? Classe 1 IOR
Yacht of the Year.

Novembre "Neptune Yachting":

Décembre "Yacht Club",

Décembre "Grand Voile" (FFV),

199? From Internet, One Ton Class Facebook 2014:
IMS conversion at Vision Yachts, by Richard Faulkner, new coachroof and IOR bumps and bustles removed, new Judel Vrolijk keel and rudder, Huge Well-hung (Hugh Welbourne) IMS design, on Rob Humphrey's hull.

Freelance Endeavour, GBR ?

199? ISORA week, Howth: ?e/??

1993 New owner, and new name,
Grrr Bear, GBR ?

"She was then sold and became Ge rrr Bear which was when I ran her. I took her to scotland in 1999 where she got hit at the largs Regatta and the back quarter taken off. She then sat in the yard before being bout and rebuilt"

From One Ton Class Facebook (2015):

Juno III, K 505

2015 The boat is sitting in Portavadie Marina on the west coast of Scotland.
From One Ton Class Facebook,

2017 September, From One Ton Class Facebook: "It's in a boatyard on the Gareloch near Helensburgh , looks a bit sad, but you can still see what she was. DRB Marine"

2019 September, From One Ton Class Facebook

2020 July, Facebook, "Moored in Ballyholme yesterday?"

2021 July, from Facebook, "Juno 87 looking really great yesterday"

2022 June, for sale on Apollo Duck,

1987 July "Yachting World",