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More War Games, KA YC 598
à jour au: 2023
1987 Plan Farr, built by Franklin Yachts in NZ

1987 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney Hobart race: 51e/154 elapsed time 4d04h52', handicap 0.7969, D. URRY

1988 Winter 88 "Offshore",

1994 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

16 December, Sydney Hobart race: DNF/236 IMS, G. WALKER

Picture from Facebook 2022,

???? New owner and new name,
War Game, YC 598

Pictures from Facebook 2022,

2023 April, For Sale FARR 40, AU $58,800 Now reduced, Length 40' - 12.19m, Location Lake Macquarie Region Belmont NSW, Launch Year 1987, Hull Material Carbon Fibre... Carbon/Kevler foam sandwich. The Farr 40 was designed by Irvine Laidlaw of Singapore to build a new design 1 tonner for the 1985 Singapore Admirals Cup team and later for competition in the Southern Cross Cup in Australia. War Games has a history of completing several Sydney to Hobart races and is offered for sale by her present owners. She is very spacious and tidy below. Whether racing offshore, around the cans on the lake or you just want take the family out for the weekend, this boat ticks the boxes. It is spacious below and the boat could be fitted out or adjusted to suit any needs. The rig is very much the usual fractional although the fore triangle is a little taller at the expense of some mainsail area to trade off some of this style of boat's fantastic upwind performance to boost running and broad reaching speed in light winds. Construction is highly developed Kevlar sandwiching utilising a PVC vacuum bagged core. This type of construction provides for a very stiff boat and clean roomy interior. Creating a successful one design class is extremely challenging. It requires a unique mixture of design foresight with highly detailed and consistent construction techniques with strong fleet support. Bruce Farr provided the foresight with high powered design boats targeted for talented amateur skippers. The Farr 40 offers sailboat owners exhilarating performance and the opportunity to compete in international regattas in an easy to handle and relatively affordable package. In some ways, the Farr 40, with its wide, flat deck and high stability deep keel, is an easier boat to sail than a typical PHRF racer cruiser.