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??, US ?????
à jour au: 2021
1984 Plan Farr, Farr Garrett 40


Wooly Bully, US 53348

2021 Key West: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook 2022,

2021 October, from Facebook "Just retired Wooly Bully, the old Immigrant from Annapolis. 1984 Garrett Farr 40 1 tonner. With turboed it up with a 4.8 ft bowsprit and a taller Spinnaker halyard for the asymmetrical. She has a perforating of 66. She is for sale in Michigan but needs sails, instruments, halyards sheets and the deck has some soft spots that need to be rebuilt. Could use a new paint job. Has a racing roller furler. The bulkhead needs to be rebuilt in the base. She has been a winning boat for the 30 years we've owned her. Bottom is still flawless. Just pulled out of the water 30 days ago. $15,000"