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Lovelace, KZ 2846
à jour au: 2023
1976 Plan Farr #051, built in New Zealand of cold-molded kauri wood, LOA 36'9"

Sélection OTC Nouvelle Zélande: 7e/??

1978 February, SORC: 1er/?? Classe D
Clipper Cup, Hawaï: 9e/39
, ?, rating 27.5', part of NZ Team
Picture from Facebook 2020,

Picture from Facebook 2021,

1982 New owner, Keith Buck, and new name,
Petard, US 59284

1986 IORDA Season: 3e/?? IORDA C, Keith BUCK

1987 OYRA Seasons: 1st/? IOR, Keith BUCK
December, Golden Gate's Midwinters: 2e/4 IOR II

1988 January "Latitude 38°",

1991 St. Francis Yacht Club Big Boat Series: 1st/?? IMS 2, Keith BUCK

1992 West Marine Pacific Cup: 1st/?? PHRF D, Keith BUCK

1994 21 May, Stone Cup: 2e/7 IMS II, Keith BUCK

1995 Corinthian YC Midwinters: 1st/?? PHRF B, Keith BUCK

1996 March, Wheeler Regatta: 2nd Div. I and 3rd Pursuit Race, Keith BUCK

2005 Seasons Champion: 1st/16 HDA-J, Keith BUCK
November "Latitude 38"

2010 1 May, Great Vallejo Race: ?e/??
June "Latitude 38°",

From Facebook 2021 "Petard — a classic boat name — has won well over 100 trophies over the years, and shows no sign of slowing down."

2022 August, 36 FT Farr 36 1974, Farr design 51, cold molded, built in New Zealand. ‘Petard’ had success in the Bay Area in her day. Health forces a sale. Send an email for photos of five years of work.

2023 March, from Facebook "Saw it in LA Harbor back in March"

May, from Facebook "Just caught this sliding through the lights at Warkworth north of Auckland . Late 70’s Farr ?",