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??, ??
à jour au: 2020
1985 Plan Farr #185 built by ?


???? New owner and new name:
Uminoko, RUS 621

2019 14 February, The Bay Regatta: 3 - 6 - 5 - 6 = 6e/6, Vitalii PLAKSIN
November pistures and comments are from Sailscapes Website: "Uminoko Farr 40 is a performance yacht from the legendary designer Bruce Farr, she was designed as a yacht for light weather and her fantastic upwind performance has been enhanced by this design that increases her reaching capability, Uminoko has all new Dyneema sheets and halyards and has dedicated race sails, mainsail, 1 Genoa, 2 jibs, 1 symmetrical and 2 asymmetric spinnakers in very good condition. The Farr 40 is available for all local regattas including Kings Cup, Phuket Race Week, Bay Regatta, Langkawi, Raja Muda and Samui regattas."

2020 5 février, The 23rd Bay Regatta: on the entrants list
Belt and Road Royal Langkawi International Regatta: ?e/??