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Mr Jump, KZ 3600
à jour au: 2022
1977 Plan Farr, #64, built of cold-mouled wood construction, utilising three skins over closely spaced stringers and ring frames, in Auckland

Dossier plus complet sur le site "RB Sailing blog"
Complete file on "RB Sailing blog"

One month before the One Ton Cup trials, vessel is launched:

Mr Jumpa
NZ One Ton Cup trials: 3 - 1 - 4 - 4 - 3 = 2e/?

One Ton Cup
, Auckland: 4 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 2 = 2e/14
Picture from Facebook 2022, Scandinavian magazine,

"Régate" février 1978

"Bateaux" avril 1978

"L'Année Bateaux 1978-1979":

Sold to US yachtman.

1978 SORC: dsq - 1 - 1- 1 - 1 - 2 = ?e/25 classe D
"L'Année Bateaux 1978-1979":

Onion Patch series, Newport, Rhode Island: ?e/??
Mai "Régate",

19?? NYYC annual cruise boat of the year, while under charter that summer.

1996 Comment and pictures from Facebook 2021, "Bob Kellogg from Falmouth, Maine, USA restored Mr. JumpA in 1996 after she was beached during hurricane Bob",

2000 November, new owners, a group of people including Jennifer Irvin and Ken Ward

2002 Yarmouth Cup Ocean Race, 174 nautical miles: ?e/??

Yarmouth Cup Ocean Race, 174 nautical miles: ?e/21 PHRF

2013 R B Sailing blog's pictures: "I have heard that Mr Jumpa was based at the Hyannis Yacht Club on Cape Cod for a number of years. However, she broke her mooring and was wrecked sometime in the 1990s. The boat was then bought from the insurance company and taken to Maine where she was rebuilt and fitted with a Mumm 36 keel. She was seen at the Yarmouth Cup in 2002 (Nova Scotia) and was performing well under PHRF."

2016 Information and picture from One Ton Class Facebook:" If we can find her a good home, we may consider selling her. We've had her since November 2000 and appreciate the long history of this beautiful boat." (Jennifer Irvin - Saint John, New Brunswick):

Information from One Ton Class Facebook: HISTORY OF M.JUMPA, TOLD BY ITS OWNER
Yacht racing at the RKYC...
Mr JumpA has a cold molded hull and kevlar decks. It's Farr design #64.
From Bob ...the gentleman Mr. JumpA who brought Mr JumpA into North America:
"We bought the boat from Graeme in KZ and had it shipped to Long Beach and it was trucked to Florida for the SORC. Our total budget for purchase, the SORC included crew expenses and new sails was something like $75,000 with $47,000 being the purchase price. That was it for a world beater. Amazing when you think that today that would only buy you a competitive sail plan for a Farr 40. Times have changed.
We bought the boat from the original owners and they came over with her to do the 78 SORC, and we also had some guest appearances from the first woman to sail in the America’s cup Christy Steinman and the famous single hander Walter Greene did a leg with us.
After the circuit we had an agreement with Ted Turner for a charter for the 1 Ton NA’s in Harbor springs but it fell through when Dave Irish and others threatened to protest the rating. Another Ted quote after he backed out, “Hell boys, (you sense a pattern in his speech) I’m just not going to take it, you can sue me if you want, that’s what lawyers are for” needless to say we dropped the issue.
The boat was hammered by the IOR in the spring of 78, Garry Mull came back from the IOR technical meeting in London and told us we were screwed, whenever a rule change was proposed Olin Stevens said, “run it with Mr Jumpa’s certificate” so they in essence used us for the archetype of what they wanted to penalize. I can’t remember the exact rating bump but it was a lot. The irony here is that they were concerned that this type of boat was too light and thus unsafe, here you are 30 years later sailing the same hull, too light indeed! Of note was that during this time we also led the World Ocean Racing Championship for all of 1978. The boat also won the NYYC annual cruise boat of the year while under charter that summer.
The co-owner John W was a surgeon who went through a divorce and a subsequent bankruptcy so we decided to let the boat go back to the bank that had financed it for us. I had put cash into the deal and lost that but what the hell; I’ve got a Lipton Cup and a Nassau Cup trophy sitting here to this day. John W kept the other trophies we won but his office was broken into a couple years later and the silver went away, kind of sad really.
The best way to describe the frogs is to tell you about Ted Turner’s observations when he first got on the boat during the 78 SORC. “Hell I’m the 505 champion I could sail this thing, it’s just a big dingy”
On the frogs, “Hell, if I bought this boat I’d put two people screwing on the back and call it Mr Humpa”
My understanding was that Mr. Jump was a KZ sportswear company, I had a Mr. Jump sweater for a while that went away years ago. The real reason the A was added was the old RRS Rule 26, which prohibited sponsorship, I believe that Mr. Jump had financed the project in the worlds to the tune of about $5K not much by today’s standards.
Feel free to ask any more questions. I think the boat looked better with the original NZ Kauri wood natural finish
Cheers, Bob

2019 Février, **FOR SALE**, The time has come to turn this lovely gem over to a new home. A home where she will continue to be loved and maintained. There are many lovely posts from previous owners of Mr. JumpA on this page. Serious inquiries only. Please share this post. Contact

2021 FOR SALE, Serious inquiries only, 38 Farr One ton design #64, 1977, Cold molded, Draft: 7'10 Beam: 12'7, 24hp diesel, Variety of racing sails in various condition, Located in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

2022 From Facebook, "Here seen in New Brunswick, Canada",