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Karena, K 500
Last update: 2024
1976 Plan Farr, same design as Farr 1104, build by Souter in Cowes, cold-moulded

1976 Based in Jersey,
Cherbourg Solent: 1st/?? Classe III, Colin JOURNEAUX
Cowes-Dinard: 3e/?? Classe III

1977 January "Seahorse",

6 May, Seine Bay Race: 1st/? Classe III

Early 1980' New owner, Mr Pile, based in Dun Laoghaire
Comment from Facebook (2024), Stephen Pile "My Dad bought her in early 80s and she was kept in Dun Laoghaire. We cruised her along West coast of France in Summer '83. She had a yellow sistership ( Puffin.....) from Wales we raced against in ISORA."

1983 Summer, cruising along West coast of France

2015 July, from Vincent, in Howth Marina, County Dublin: "Currently being restored with new windows, plywood decks etc. She is being prepared as a cruising boat."

2024 February, new owner
Comment annd pictures from Facebook
"It was with mixed emotions that we watched the HYC Marina team lift the late Brian Murphy's wooden sloop Karena for the last time. Brian was a hugely committed member of HYC serving as Rear Commodore in 2013 and he is sadly missed by the sailing community. We are pleased to say that Karena has now passed into new ownership with the intent to restore her to her former glory. We look forward to seeing the rejuvenated Karena coming back to visit after the work on it is complete, no doubt providing an opportunity to reminisce about Brian."