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Joint Venture III, KA SM50
à jour au: 2024
1989 Plan Farr, #?, built by Ken Jargo, Australia

1989 February "Offshore",

24 February-12 March, Australian Admiral's Cup Trial: 2 - 4 - 7 - 1 - 1 - 3 - 4 - 5 = 2e/11
9 May,
One Ton Cup
, Naples: 16e/28, P. ELLIOTT
Admiral's Cup: 10 - 27 - 10 - 9 - 12 - 9 = 7e/42 et 1er/22 OT, Australia Team: 5e/14, IOR: 30.55', C. BEASHEL/P. ELLIOTT
October "Offshore",

From Facebook 2019
, Peter Elliott: "My father and I commissioned her and we sold it to the Swedish a/c team with 2 fully rigged masts booms etc. both rigs were Spar craft Uk . I also have the plans and lofting of the rig and boom here at home in Australia ????. If that helps . Stay in touch."

Entertainer, SW 9164
1990 Gotland Round Race: 1er/??
Picture from Facebook 2020,

One Ton Cup, Marstrand: 14 - 10 - 8 - 10 - 5 = 6e/27, Tomas WALLIN
Pictures from Andre Braun, Facebook 2020,

Octobre "Seahorse",

1992 February "Yachting", For Sale,

Polaroid, S 9164
993 Sandhamn Open Race, 120 NM: 1er/3 IOR 1-3
Joint Venture,
S 9164
Picture from André Braun, Facebook 2020, "Big T at Lidingö Runt, Stockholm, Sweden probably 1993. The smaller boat is the 1-tonner Joint Venture, Farr -89."

4 June, Gotland Runt, 425 NM:
2e/10 IOR I-III, corrected time 47h55'
Swedish 40-Foot Cup: ?e/??

1994 Sandhamn Open Race, 121 NM: 4e/26 IMS 1-4, ??
3 July, Gotland Runt, 425 NM: 3e/23 IMS 2, corrected time 51h09', ??
Swedish 40-Foot Cup: ?e/??

DHL Joint Venture, S 9164
995 2 July, Gotland Runt, 421 NM: 8e/30 IMS 1, corrected time 39h16'

Joint Venture, S 9164
996 30 juin, Gotland Runt, 488 NM: 5e/14 IMS 1, corrected time 49h19'

1997 14 juin, Sandhamn Open Race: 7e/8 IMS 1-2
29 juin, Gotland Runt: 10e/17 IMS 1, corrected time 37h23'

1998 13 juin, Sandhamn Open, 152 NM: 6e/10 IMS 1-2
28 juin, Gotland Runt, 407 NM: 10e/17 IMS 1, corrected time 56h13'

1999 4 juillet, Gotland Runt, 335 NM: 40e/59 IMS 1, corrected time 37h22'

2000 17 juin, Sandhamn Open, 147 NM: DNF/22 IMS 1
2 juillet, Gotland Runt, 335 NM: 59e/84 IMS 1, corrected time 46h40'

2004 4 juillet, Gotland Runt, 362 NM: 27e/33 IMS 1, corrected time 37h49'

2015 From One Ton Class Facebook,

2019 Gotland Runt: DNF, Fredrik LAGERSTRÖM
2 juillet, From Facebook: "Is there anyone in her who knows if there are old spear rigs somewhere in europe thats fits on a farr 40 IOR? We dropped the rig on our farr 40 IOR “Joint Venture” yesterday morning when we sailed ÅF offshore race in Sweden.."
Answer from Peter Elliott: "My father and I commissioned her and we sold it to the Swedish a/c team with 2 fully rigged masts booms etc. both rigs were Spar craft Uk . I also have the plans and lofting of the rig and boom here at home in Australia ????. If that helps . Stay in touch."  

mi septembre, New Generation Sail Racing by Joint Venture - SWE 9164 Facebook page, "l'expertise de sassurances est terminée, on peut reprendre les travaux",

Liros Stockholm SRS Cup: 54e/341

2021 3 July, Gotland Runt, 350 NM: 14e/32 ORCi, corrected time 35h18', Fredrik LAGERSTRÖM
6 August, Alexela ORC World Championship, Tallin: 26 - 16 - 11 - 19 - 19 - 20 - (27) - 16 = 45e/62 Class C

2022 3 July, Gotland Rund, elapsed time 55h45': 49e/167 IRC, Handicap 1.116, Fredrik LAGERSTRÖM
August, For sale Joint Venture III SWE 9164, Now there is a unique opportunity to buy what is probably the world's fastest and most luxurious 1-tonne. This is an opportunity that rarely comes on the open market! We have completely renovated the boat, and by that I mean TOTALLY renovated. Every single screw on the entire boat has been removed inside and out. All deck equipment is refurbished to new condition or replaced with new ones. The inside is also completely renovated with most things replaced. More than 2,500 man-hours have been put into the boat from autumn 2017 until now. This is the boat for those who want the best 1-ton. Below you will find a short summary of what we have done. In short, we've done it all! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch! Around 120,000 euros have been deposited in the boat! Suggested price: 72,000 euros or highest offer.
Facts about the boat: • Built in 1989 in Australia and designed by Bruce Farr • The boat is extremely well built as it is built in carbon fiber, Kevlar and titanium. • Length 12 m, width 3.8 m and depth 2.3 m. Weight approx. 5 tonnes. • Mainsail 52 m2, headsail 41 m2, spinnaker 115 m2. • A total of 25-30 sails in various conditions; Renovations: • 2012 Hull repainted cost just over 10,000 euros • 2018 The deck was repainted, then all the old paint was sanded off and all the foundation work was redone from scratch. Material cost of approx. 8,000 euros • 2020 The inside is TOTALLY renovated. The color alone cost about 2,500 euros • All deck fittings/winches renovated or replaced with new ones Cost approx. 6000 euros • 2020 The entire electrical system including batteries replaced! Cost approx. 2000 euros • 2019 The engine (Volvo Penta 2003 with S drive) has been overhauled and the spreaders have been refurbished as well as the water pumps. • Bottom sanded clean and epoxy painted and trilux bottom paint....
Sail/mast: • 2018 to 2020 the following sails were purchased from Boding (mainsail, G1, G2 & G3, Frac spin) list price approx 20,000 euros • 2020 New carbon fiber mast, boom and bomvang from Pauger Carbon. List price around 42,000 euros • 2020 All running rigs were changed, cost approx. 2500 euros • 2021 Complete set of new sails from Boding (mainsail, G1 & top spin) list price approx. 15,000 euros

2023 November, still for sale

2024 February, Joint Venture is for sale. It is advertised in association with which is specializes in this type of yacht. The boat is stored indoors for the winter and can be viewed in Sweden.
April, from Facebook, Joint Venture 3 is for sale! One of the last and best Farr designed 1-toners ever built, built in 1989. The boat has been completely renovated down to the last detail and updated to modern standards. New carbon fiber mast and boom from Pauger carbon. Fine sails and the latest instruments from Raymarine. The renovation has costed well over 100,000 euros just for the renovation and the almost 3,000 hours of work! Suggested price 60,000 euros! The boat is stored indoors in Sweden. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions! Please share the ad!




Same boat? Même bateau?? No!!

Farrfarr, ??
June, from One Ton Class Facebook: "This a Farr one tonner rather crudely converted to a cruiser racer that is lying in a small harbour south of Göteborg on the Swedish west coats. It may be Joint Venture which was heavily damaged by grounding a number of years ago and then sat unsued and for sale for quite a long time and was reportedly sold for less than 20k €. This is "Farrfarr" sold from Lerkil south of Gothenburg several years ago, I think she went to the Greece where she was sold again a couple of years ago. I will check with the former owner."
"I think this boat is former "Cirkeline" from Denmark built in 1989"

2020 July, from Andre Braun ""Farrfarr" (ex 4K, Cirkeline, Farr -88). Still in Lerkil south of Gothenburg, Sweden."