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Sweet Okolé, US 29000
à jour au: 2024
1976 Plan Farr #51, built in Hawaï by his owner in west system


1976 September, launched

1977 SORC, Miami: 1er/?? Division II Classe C, IOR: 27.9', Gregory GILLETTE
Picture from Facebook,

Avril "Régates",

"L'Année Bateaux 1977-78",

2 July, Transpac, Los Angeles-Honolulu: 2e/?? Division 2, corrected time 9d02h54', PEYTON/GILETTE

1979 OYRA Danforth Series, Spring Series: 1er/?? Division II, Louis KRUK
IORDA: 1er/?? Division B, Thom GRITZER
July, Tranpac Race, San Francisco-Hawaï: 15e/? Overall

OYRA Gulf Fallarones, Fall Series: 1er/?? Division II, Louis KRUK

1980 Transpac: 5e/43 & 1st Group II elapsed time 14d21h34'
August "Latitude 38",

September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: ?e/15 Division 6 (RRP)

1981 July, Tranpac Race, San Francisco-Hawaï: 1st/?? Overall
August "Latitude 38",

Dans la région de San Francisco, avec le Quarter Tonner "Magic Bus" au premier plan, photo venant du Dutch QT Class Facebook 2015:

September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: 10 - 7 - 5 - 7 - 17 = 9e/16 Division Perpetual Trophy, Dean TREADWAY

1982 Big Boat Series: 9e/??, Sherry WILSON
November "Latitude 38", "Women went for it" full article below,

1985 July, Tranpac Race, San Francisco-Hawaï: 2e/? Class D
From "1985 Transpac Program",

1991 St. Francis Yacht Club Big Boat Series: 2e/? IMS II, Dean TREADWAY

1994 21 May, Stone Cup: 3e/7 IMS II, Dean TREADWAY

1995 January, Big Daddy Regatta: 1st/?? PHRF C
January, BYC/MYCO Midwinters - USA: 1st/?? PHRF A, Dean TREADWAY

1996 St. Francis Yacht Club Big Boat Series: 2e/?? PHRF C, Dean TREADWAY

2004 Still raced at Richmond...

2010 6 July, Pacific Cup, San Francisco to Hawai: 9e/48ttc, 1er/8 Division B, elapsed time 11d13h54', Dean TREADWAY

2012 28 octobre, Great Pumpkin, Richmont Y.C.: DNF/172 PHRF, Dean TREADWAY
3 November, Richmond Yacht Club: 15e/79 corrected time,

2015 13 July, Transpac: 4e/11 ToT Division 7 en 13j10h45' temps réel, Dean TREADWAY

2016 12 July, Transpac: ?e/9 Division C, Dean TREADWAY

11 July, Pacific Cup, San Francisco-Hawaï, 12d16h51 elapsed time: 2e/6
Picture from Race website,

2019 10 July, 50th edition of the LA-Honolulu Transpacific Yacht Race: 1er/5 Division 8, elapsed time 11d14h30', Dean TREADWAY
Picture from Facebook 2021, "Sweet Okole, two days after finishing 2019 Transpac",

2021 December, picture from Facebook,

Picture from Paul Carson Facebook 2022,

2023 28 June, Transpac Honolulu Race, elapsed time 12d14h44': 2e/6 Div 8, Dean TREADWAY
Picture from Facebook,

2024 March, From Facebook "Sweet Okole is for sale, to the right person. With medical issues Dean isn’t as active but wants someone that will take care of the boat as he has."

1982 November "Latitude 38",