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Sweet Okolé, US 29000
à jour au: 2019
1976 Plan Farr #51, built in Hawaï by his owner in west system


1976 September, launched

1977 SORC, Miami: 1er/?? Division II Classe C, IOR: 27.9', Gregory GILLETTE
Avril "Régates",

"L'Année Bateaux 1977-78",

2 July, Transpac, Los Angeles-Honolulu: 2e/?? Division 2, corrected time 9d02h54', PEYTON/GILETTE

1979 OYRA Danforth Series, Spring Series: 1er/?? Division II, Louis KRUK
IORDA: 1er/?? Division B, Thom GRITZER
July, Tranpac Race, San Francisco-Hawaï: 15e/? Overall

OYRA Gulf Fallarones, Fall Series: 1er/?? Division II, Louis KRUK

1980 Transpac: 5e/?? et 1er Group II elapsed time 14d21h34',

1981 July, Tranpac Race, San Francisco-Hawaï: 1er/?? Overall
Dans la région de San Francisco, avec le Quarter Tonner "Magic Bus" au premier plan, photo venant du Dutch QT Class Facebook 2015:

1985 July, Tranpac Race, San Francisco-Hawaï: ?e/? Class C
From "1985 Transpac Program",

1994 21 May, Stone Cup: 3e/7 IMS II, Dean TREADWAY

1996 St. Francis Yacht Club Big Boat Series: 2e/?? PHRF C, Dean TREADWAY

2004 Still raced at Richmond...

2010 6 juillet, Pacific Cup, San Francisco to Hawai: 9e/48ttc, 1er/8 Division B, elapsed time 11d13h54', Dean TREADWAY

2012 28 octobre, Great Pumpkin, Richmont Y.C.: DNF/172 PHRF, Dean TREADWAY
3 November, Richmond Yacht Club: 15e/79 corrected time,

2015 13 juillet, Transpac: 4e/11 ToT Division 7 en 13j10h45' temps réel, Dean TREADWAY

2016 12 juillet, Transpac: ?e/9 Division C, Dean TREADWAY

11 juillet, Pacific Cup, San Francisco-Hawaï, 12d16h51 elapsed time: 2e/6
Picture from Race website,

2019 10 juillet, 50th edition of the LA-Honolulu Transpacific Yacht Race: 1er/5 Division 8, elapsed time 11d14h30', Dean TREADWAY
Picture from Facebook 2021, "Sweet Okole, two days after finishing 2019 Transpac",

2021 December, picture from Facebook,