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Bodacious, USA 41001
à jour au: 2022
1985 Plan Farr #156, built in NZ


1986  From Facebook 2021 "Delivered for commissioning in St. Pete just prior to the 86 SORC. I worked for North Sails at the time. I was up the mast at the dock on that bright morning in January when Ed Baird came running out to the dock yelling that the space shuttle Challenger had just blown up. I looked to the east and saw the trailing white smoke and it seemed like it was above Macdill AFB. Never forget that moment"
SORC: 4e/17 Classe 5,

1987 SORC: 1er/5 Classe 4 et 8e/37 IOR ttc,

1988 4 September, One Ton Cup, St Francis: 22e/25, Wayne WOOMACK
Picture from Dutch QT Facebook received in 2014

September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: 6 - 12 - 8 - 10 - 7 = 8e/11 OT, IOR 30.53', Wayne WOMACK

1989 June "Course Au Large", unkonw boat: US 97256, KZ 609, KZ 5281

1996 March, Wheeler Regatta: 1st Div. I
: 31e/??, 5e/10 Div C, elapsed time 12d12h22'

1998 Transpac: 12e/??, 2e/9 Div C, John CLAUSER

2000 Transpac: 27e/??, 2e/8 Div D, elapsed time 14d05h13', John CLAUSER

2002 Transpac: 10e/??, 4e/10 Div C, John CLAUSER

2004 Transpac: 31e/??, 5e/8 Div C, John CLAUSER

2005 15 September, Rolex Big Boat Series San Francisco: 4e/35 IRC, John CLAUSER

2006 IRC: 1.042
1 May, The Great Vallejo Race: 2e/10 PG10, John CLAUSER
2 May, The Great Vallejo Race: 1er/9 PG10

2009 6 June, Delta Ditch Run, 67 NM: 7e/12 Div 1
13 September, Rolex Big Boat Series San Francisco: 5 - 4 - 6 - 4 - 5 - 3 = 5e/6 IRC 4, John CLAUSER

2010 16 September, Rolex Big Boat Series San Francisco: 6 - 2 - 4 - 3 - 4 - 4 - 4 = 5e/7 IRC 4, IRC: 1.029, John CLAUSER

2014 From Dutch QT Facebook: "That boat was outside the shop in Alameda"...

2015 From Dutch QT Facebook,

2021 1 October "Sailing Anarchy" "Always sad to see an older IOR leaddog come to an end: in this case the early 80's Bruce Farr One Tonner, the 40 foot BODACIOUS. For unexplained reasons, yesterday afternoon, she was run aground, one person aboard, near Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz after having left her live aboard mooring off the Santa Cruz Wharf."

Facebook "Capt. Monty, on Vessel Assist, pulled for 12 hours last night, trying to keep BODACIOUS from riding further up the rocks. Finally, at first light this morning, BODACIOUS was pulled free and towed into Santa Cruz Harbor to be hauled. I'd call BODACIOUS a total loss, at least for insurance. Repairs would be expensive, and this IOR design is way out of date. The keel is bent, with parts of the trailing edge missing, interior bulkheads and floors reportedly loose, the rudder is smashed, as is the bow pulpit..."