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Saucy, US 41533
à jour au: 2006
1987 Plan Farr, Design # ?, built by Franklin yachts in New Zealand


(2015 May received info: "built for Chicago, launched in 1987")

1987 Originally a Chicago owner, Al Rose

1989 Chicago,
Picture from Facebook 2020,

1991 New owner, Peter Wilson, new country and new name:
IRL 41533
Modified for IMS over winter 1991-92

1992 Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2020,

Round Ireland: 6e/46 en 4j17h46',
Peter WILSON (Howth Yacht Club)
Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2020,

"Afloat Magazine"

1993 Sold to Tony Mullins/ Shay Moran Royal St. George YC

1994 October "Yachting World"

1996 New Owner Bill Baker IIRC, and was parked at DIMC

199? Pictures from Phillip (february 2020): "These are of the boat Bootlegger. This is when it was owned by Bill in Dubai."

???? New Owner and new name,
Sylph, ???

2006 13 September, comment and pictures from Sailing Anarchy Forum: "Pics of the boat in Dubai, Apparently the boats previous name was "Bootlegger" anyone know of it or its history."

13 September, comments and picture from Sailing Anarchy Forum, skint-again said: "Found a bit more info from her Bootlegger days, she was owned and based in Oman and was used for corporate adventure sails, the description on the site reads as follows, She is a kevlar hulled, fractional rigged state of the art vessel designed by Bruce Farr, one the worlds leading sailboat designers. Custom built in New Zealand for an Admirals Cup race in the United Kingdom, No mention of year built or original name. The picture is lifted off their web site, as with an earlier picture in this thread this one also seems to be carrying a load of weather helm, wouldnt want the rudder to stall out with that breakwater just to windward

13 September, comments from Sailing Anarchy Forum, scrubber said: "Used to be owned by a guy callled Bill Baker IIRC, and was parked at DIMC in about 96-97. I think that she had a bit of a collision one year during some race or other. I remember her being up on a cradle at DIMC with a rather large hole in the bow. That photo also looks rather like the Mina Seyahi breakwater before they built the palm..."