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Team Cirkeline, D 1230
à jour au: 2022
1988 Plan Farr,

Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark: 3e/12 IOR 2, Finn THOMSEN
4 September, One Ton Cup, San Francisco:

4K, D 1230
9 May, One Ton Cup, Naples: 11 - 17 - 6 - 18 - 5 =
June, Kiel Week: ?e/??
Photo Le Cossec, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark, 236':
1er/14 IOR 1 & 2,
Admiral's Cup
: 27 - 17 - 30 - 24 - 27 - 10 = 18e/42 et 7e/22 OT, Danish Team: 2e/14, rating 30.6', F. THOMSEN

Picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2016 during Admiral's Cup,

1990 Sailing in Denmark

1993 Swedish 40-Foot Cup: ?e/??

DHL Worldwide Express, SWE 9953
994 3 July, Gotland Runt, 425 NM: 2e/23 IMS 2, corrected time ??', ??
Swedish 40-Foot Cup: ?e/??,
Pictures from Facebook 2022 "My picture taken during the race at Dalarö, Sweden (where the mast was lost) or Marieham, Åland)."

Picture and comment from Facebook 2022 "4K with broken mast, Antheor (ex ArgonautCGI -89), Full Pelt and probably Farlig, Spendrups or Gråben (Farr 40)..."

Patagonia, SWE 9953
995 2 July, Gotland Runt, 421 NM: 5e/18 IMS 2, corrected time 38h58'

Farfarr, SWE ?
June, from One Ton Class Facebook: "This a Farr one tonner rather crudely converted to a cruiser racer that is lying in a small harbour south of Göteborg on the Swedish west coats. It may be Joint Venture which was heavily damaged by grounding a number of years ago and then sat unsued and for sale for quite a long time and was reportedly sold for less than 20k €. This is "Farrfarr" sold from Lerkil south of Gothenburg several years ago, I think she went to the Greece where she was sold again a couple of years ago. I will check with the former owner."
"I think this boat is former "Cirkeline" from Denmark built in 1989"

2020 July, from Andre Braun ""Farrfarr" (ex 4K, Cirkeline, Farr -88). Still in Lerkil south of Gothenburg, Sweden."

20?? Sold to spanish owner

2022 February, comments from Facebook "A friend of mine owned the boat when it was in Lerkil, he sold it to a guy, I think from Örebro who brought it to Slovenia. I saw her up for sale some years ago"
"Boat was renamed as FARFARR and was 8 years on land in Izola Slovenia. She just escaped to me as it was sold last year for 15.000eur to some spanish guys. Beautifull boat"