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Terrorist, US 7150
à jour au: 2013
1973 Plan Bruce KING, construit en aluminium par Sparcraft

Terrorist was a radical IOR yacht designed by Bruce King in 1973. She featured twin asymmetric centreboards, angled outwards at 12 degrees and 'toed in' at 3 degrees to the centreline. Terrorist introduced the concept of internal ballast, a considerable change from keeping ballast as low as possible in a keel.  The boards could be lifted independently or linked by a connected system that lifted the weather foil while the leeward foil stayed deep in undisturbed water, and combined with the slight angle to the centreline the boards created tremendous lift to weather. Off the wind both foils were retracted to reduce drag and wetted surface. Despite being an odd boat - short (10.8m LOA), wide (3.9m beam), high-wooded and relatively light (4,765kg), she was seen as a real threat in the 1974 One Ton Cup held in Tourquay.

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Complete file on "RB Sailing blog"

SORC: ?e/?? tttc
Mai "Bateaux",

age from
"Official Guide to The One Ton Cup..." (Facebook 2020),

17 juillet
, One Ton Cup, Torbay (UK): 1 - 11 - dnf (dismasted) - dns - 4 = 16e/33, P. A. CASSEL

Victoire à la manche 1, Dématage dans la manche 3, DNS à la manche 4.
Novembre "Voiles et Voiliers":

1975 Voilure augmentée qui augmente le rating à 29.4'.
?e/?? Classe D,

The long term future of Terrorist was seriously affected by the introduction of a 'moveable appendage factor' (MAF) to the IOR later in 1974, which raised her rating a full two feet and out of the One Ton rating limit of 27.5ft.

19?? New owner and new name,
Uproar, US

2009 May, Paul B, seen on forum... "About 10 years ago the King OT "terrorist" was sitting, rotting in a slip near the end of Shelter Island. I think it is long gone." with these pictures,

Terrorist was re-discovered a few years ago sitting forlornly in a yard in the US. An American yachtsman Paul Tullos has been very busy refurbishing the yacht, and hopes to have her back in the water for the Northern Hemisphere spring. The hull fairing process is nearly completed, and the boat will be fitted with a new carbon mast, and dual rudders. There will be even less interior than originally, so the boat will be a big daysailer, at least initially. 

2013 August, Vessel back in ater with carbon mast.

Informations and pictures from "RB Sailing blog"