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Robin, US 12033
à jour au: 2020
1973 Plan Hood, construit par le chantier Maas (plastique, avec dérive)

SORC: 3e/?? ttc, rating: 27.2'
North American One Ton Cup Championship, San Diego:
6 septembre, One Ton Cup, Porto Cervo (Italie): 4e/24, Ted HOOD (et voilier)
Marche trés fort dans le petit temps, mat de 40 000 F.
Picture from One Ton Class Facebook October 2015:

Abino Robin, US 12033
1975 Semaine des One Tonners, Saint Petersburg Floride: 1er/11, Ted HOOD
SORC 75: 6e/?? Class F.
Picture from One Ton Class facebook 2015:

1977 SORC: ?e/?? ttc & 1er/?? Div I Classe C, BERNELL LEE
January-June "Boating":

1978 New owner, Ted Hood

Robin, US 12033
February, SORC, Florida: 3e/?? ttc et 1er/?? Classe F, Ted HOOD
"Class F was led by Hood's Robin, which he designed, built, sold In then bought hack a year ag
o because he liked the yacht so much and because the new handicap rules had made her competitive again. Robin won the longest race of the circuit, the 370-mile St. Petersburg-to-Fort Lauderdale test Robin will now return to her homc port at Marblehead. Mass."
Mai "Bateaux":

"L'Année Bateaux 1979-1980"

1980 February, SORC, Florida: 1er/?? Classe E, Ted HOOD

1981 February, SORC, Florida: ?e/?? Classe E, gagne la grande course en TTC, puis dématage dans une autre manche. Rating IOR de 23'.
Picture from Facebook, July 2020,

Mars "Neptune Nautisme":

1983 May "Yachting", same boat??

1986 February, SORC, Florida: ?e/?? Classe 6, Rating IOR de 24.8'.

1987 February, SORC, Florida: 9e/24 IMS, Ted HOOD

2020 March, From IOR, RORC & CCA ocean racing classes Facebook located in RI yard, "Ted Hood's 20,000Lbs One Tonner."