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Ceil III, KH C 177
à jour au: 2023
1973 Plan B. Miller, construit en bois moulé par le chantier Brooker en Australie

1973 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

December, Southern Cross Cup (dont Sydney-Hobart): 3e/8 teams, (Hong Kong Team)
26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart: 1er/92 ttc, elapsed time 3d12h05', W. TURNBULL

Picture from the book "Un Siécle de Voile" de O. Le Carrer,

1974 Février "Neptune Nautisme",

Mars "Neptune Nautisme": scans below
14 July, One Ton Cup, Torbay: 19 - 9 - 18 - 4 - 5 = 5e/33
Octobre "Neptune Nautisme",

South China Sea Race:
1974 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

1975 Hong Kong One Ton Cup team

1977 Hong Kong One Ton Cup team

1979 Fastnet race: ?e/??, (finishing)

1984 "Spring Boat International",

1988 May "Yachting World", For Sale,

1992 New owner

1993 June, the Round Britain & Ireland Two-Handed Race, Plymouth-Crosshaven-Castlebay-Lerwick-Lowestoft-Plymouth: 25e/52 overall, R SPRECKLEY-P Gaskell-Brown

2001 Brixham-Santander race: ?e/??

2006 December, Facelift for Historic Yacht: "A classic yacht is receiving a new lease of life at Pedros Yacht Refinishing. Ceil III is undergoing a major refit costing in the region of £20,000 which will include complete new decks and major structural and cosmetic refinishing work. Designed by the Australian Bob Miller, later known as Ben Lexcen, who also designed the infamous winged keel of Australia II which won the America’s Cup in 1983, the 40ft Ceill III was built in Sydney to compete in the Southern Cross Cup series. As part of this she won the handicap section of the 1973 Sydney-Hobart Race by an hour on corrected time, despite being knocked down. She was also fifth in the 1974 South China Sea Race and was the most successful boat in the Hong Kong One Ton Cup team in 1975 and 1977. In 1979, Ceil III, who unusually has a prop that is the 'wrong way' round, pulling her through the water instead of pushing, was one of the few boats to finish the Fastnet Race but a few years later was laid up until 1988. However she received her first new lease on life in 1992 with a new owner and was then raced consistently out of Plymouth until 2001 including the Plymouth-Guernsey Race where she won the Hart Cup, the Armada Cup Race between Plymouth and St Sebastian four times, the two-handed Round Britain and Ireland Race and was one of only two boats to finish the Brixham Santander Race in 2001. She has now changed hands again with her latest owner determined to make her look as good as new again." pictures from Pedros Yacht website,

2018 23 mars, from facebook,

2021  In Cowes

2022 October, comments from Facebook "I saw Ceil 3 this summer in Pwllheli before she headed south for a revamp."
"Ceil 3 has been fully refurbished with new sails and rigging and about to get full electric conversion for a circumnavigation of the world zero carbon"
"Following the historical route of Juan Sebastian Elcano, we will circumnavigate the globe solely using self-produced green energy for the first time in 500 years."

The vessel undertaking this behemoth task is the Ceil III, a 50 year refurbished racing sailboat. Designed by Ben Lexcen (otherwise known as Bob Miller) and assembled in 1973 for the Sydney Hobart Race, Ceil III has had quite a colourful life itself and has definitely seen its fair share of interesting places, stories and people.  Ceil III was then seen racing across the seven seas for the best part of 30 years before lying dormant along the south coast of England for another decade. In this time she raced alongside some of the best boats in the world at the time and even won some races along the way under varying owners. This was until the hero of our story (Captain Bill Fraser), spotted this diamond in the rough and decided to nurse her back to health, making it his home. Now she is undergoing another major rehaul in preparation for her biggest expedition yet!

2023 February, picture from Facebook,


1974 Mars "Neptune Nautisme":