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Musketeer, K ????
à jour au: 2001
198? Plan Castro, built by ? in Cornwall, carbon Sandwich epoxy

198? Launched

From Tony Castro Design Facebook 2021 "Musketeer was a lovely One-Tonner built by her owner in Looe, Cornwall. I remember arriving at that little village and lovely small boatyard to see the boat and being totally surprised by the quality of the build. Remarkably the construction was extremely sophisticated consisting of a Carbon Sandwich epoxy boat covered with 4mm of Mahogany and some layers of Alwgrip clear for good measure. Not bad for the mid-80’s! It was beautiful, the bulkheads inside and transom had a lot of marquetry artwork, but unfortunately I can’t find the photos!"

1980's Torbay/Dartmouth Regatta week

2001 August, Cowes week: ?e/?? Class 3, Stuart Edmundson, David Atkinson
Day Six: "Yachts and Yachting" "There was a big collision to enliven the journalists’ day, though the crew aboard Class 3’s Musketeer, Stuart Edmundson, David Atkinson and their mates, seemed surprisingly happy as they motored in to the Medina accompanied by the ABP Harbour Master’s launch. Musketeer’s wooden hull was split from the deck to the waterline with a vee-shaped gash that was plugged with the foam insides of the bunk mattresses. Buckets and pumps were also in action to reduce the amount of water in the hull, but the ageing One Tonner seemed to be coping with the injury and the crew with being in the limelight. Judging from the position of the gash, on the port side, Musketeer must have been on Starboard and therefore had right of way in the collision, we have yet to hear the reverse side of the story from the other participant in the incident, Alyce Wright’s Generation-X.