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Mark Twain, KA SM 101
Last update: 2024
1971 Plan Sparkman & Stephens built by D. Brooker/Quilkey Bros in thilmber sheathed



1971 26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 20e/79 elapsed time 4d08h50', R.J. LANGMAN

1972 December "Offshore",

5 December,
One Ton Cup, Sydney: 6 - 8 - 5 - 5 - 2 = 6e/15
"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme"

26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 15e/79, elapsed time 4d08h00', 1er/? OT, R.J. LANGMAN

1973 Mars "Bateaux"

"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme" 1973 ,

Southern Cross Cup (dont Sydney-Hobart): ?e/8 teams (Vistoria Team)
26 December, Sydney Hobart: 38e/92, elpased time 4d01h31', R.J. LANGMAN

1974 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney Hobart: 30e/62 elapsed time 5d03h35', R.J. LANGMAN

1975 22 February, Level Rating Regatta: 1 - 2 - 2- 3 - 2 = 2e/7 OT

1977 7 May, Sydney Nouméa Race: 1er/34 IOR "Offshore"
June, "Offshore"

1979 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 65e/147 IOR, 4d13h00' corrected time, K. JONES 
Picture from Sydney-Hobart website,

1982 26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race: 48e/118 elapsed time 3d23h01', TCF 7575, P. ROWSTHORN

1983 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December,
Sydney-Hobart race: 51e/173 elapsed time 4d04h40', TCF 7596, P. ROWSTHORN

1985 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 125e/78 IOR , 4d03h05' corrected time, H. O'NEILL/C. WARD/B. WHITE

1986 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 36e/123 elapsed time 4d06h32', TCF 7575, H. O'NEILL/C. WARD/B. WHITE

1987 Hobart Freemantle Race: 2e/??
Lord Howe Race: 2e/??
26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race:
64e/153 elapsed time 4d10h55', TCF

1988 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 19e/119 elapsed time 5d14h18', TCF 7555, H. O'NEILL/C. WARD/B. WHITE

1989 February "Offshore",

"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December,
Sydney Hobart: 62e/108 corrected time ?', TCF 7537, H. O'NEILL

1990 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December,
Sydney Hobart: 26e/59 IOR, 3d06h23' corrected time, H. O'NEILL

1991 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 16e/51 IMS, ?' corrected time, H. O'NEILL

1992 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 30e/59 IMS, 3d05h23' corrected time, H. O'NEILL

1993 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December,
Sydney Hobart: 11e/62 IMS, H. O'NEILL

1994 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 7e/25 IMS 20years, H. O'NEILL

1995 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 45e/75 IMS, H. O'NEILL

1996 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 14e/18 PHS, 4d13h22' corrected time, R.J. LANGMAN

Mark Twain, A 113
26 December, Sydney Hobart: 12e/34 PHS, 4d18h56' corrected time, R.J. LANGMAN

1998 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December,
Sydney Hobart: 17e/23 PHS, 3d07h31' corrected time, R.J. LANGMAN

2000 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 16e/22 IRC, 5d13h19' corrected time, IRC: 0.986, Hugh O'NEILL

2002 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December,
Sydney Hobart: 6e/16 PHS, 3d11h48' corrected time, Hugh O'NEILL
La 25e participation à la course pour le bateau!

20?? For Sale in Melbourne

2008 New owner, John Beeston

2018 New owner, Michael Spies
From Facebook 2023, John Beeston: "I sold her as I was moving to northern NSW. It was withe great regret but I passed her on to a person who I thought would respect her heritage."

October, from Sailing Anarchy: "The next Sydney to Hobart winner? How the hell do we know? But we know that we dig it when some down under mates get a classic – it this case, a 1971 S&S One Ton – start to optimize it, with the goal of trying to win class and have a shot at overall. Ya gotta love people’s passion and appreciation for the history of our sport. We’ll have more on this project as it goes along!"

8 December, CYCA Trophy Series: 4 - 2 = 2e/6 IRC 2, Michael SPIES
8th December, from Sailing Anarchy: "A great shot by Crosbie Lorimer of the classic S&S one tonner Mark Twain going upwind in her first race as they prepare to take on the Sydney to Hobart race.  Impressive!"

18th December, from Sailing Anarchy, Michael Spies: "... The boat required more work and time than originally planned but with some new sails from Ian Short,coupled with some recycled on repurposed sails from other programmes, including a Blooper I found at Minneys, in Newport Beach,The ergonomics of the early IOR boats were horrible and Mark Twain was no exception, so we gave the deck layout a major tune up, still very mindful in trying to preserve the historic nature of the boat. The use of Rope Jammers and some Self Tailing Winches have gone a long way to achieve this..."

26 December, Sydney Hobart, elapsed time 4d03h50' (74e): 52e/72 IRC, Rating: 0,968, Michael SPIES

2019 1 october Sailing Anarchy, "take a classic on a classic: An opportunity exists for a experienced team to charter the  iconic Sparkman & Stephens One Tonner Mark Twain for the 75th running of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.Mark Twain etched itself in Hobart history by becoming the first yacht to clock up 25 Hobart Races. Built for the 1972 One Ton Cup and then skippered by Jock Sturrock the boat,built by Doug Brooker and Ces Quilkey,went through numerous owners before being bought last year by 42 time Hobart Race veteran, Michael Spies.The boat underwent a full refit including new sails,upgraded deck gear,all new safety gear,new electronics,fully optimised for IRC as well as a bottom job. “Since the refit the boat podium-ed in the CYCA Trophy Series and placed 5th in Division In last years RSHYR even after less than ideal conditions.’I bought the boat because I genuinely believed and still do that the boat can win the race. You just need the weather Gods to align”, quipped Spies. The boat will be presented in a race ready state with all the Yachts required certification and documentation submitted to the CYCA.The Charter will also have the option to theVeterans Regatta pre Hobart as well as the Australian IRC Championshp to be staged in Hobart post Race."

20?? From Facebook 2023,

2023 March, from Facebook "I saw Mark Twain a few months ago back in George Town. Such a waste of a great boat with bird shit..."

2024 30 March, From Australian website,

"The yacht's new owner, Rob Payne, who refers to himself as the boat's custodian, has grand plans to refurbish the vessel, a Sparkman and Stephens 39, and return the Mark Twain to its former glory.
Although he hopes to return the boat to the starting line of the Sydney to Hobart, he also believes the yacht can be used for a greater good."