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Aglaja II (ou V) I 7428 Kauffmann 1976 sister-ship aluminium de "Suspence", 1977 Semaine d'Alassio: 1er/?, Giraglia: 3e/?? en 55h30', Fioretti, rating: 26.6, 6 aout, Semaine des Baléares: ?e/??, 2023 From Facebook "Aglaja V, a one tonner from Kauffman built by Gennari in 1976, really saved from landfill. Abandoned in a shipyard close to Trieste, Italy, and quickly restored for the amazon prime video TV format "affari al timone -Bros on board", a format where old boats get a new life. Soon this episode will be on air with me, as usually, as """star""" (between many many quotes...)";
Picture from Facebook 2023,

America Jane III US 47733 Scott Kaufman 1974;

Garibaldi I 8640 Kaufman 1979 built in wood;

Lunic 3 I 8000 Kaufman 1978 built in wood by Cesari Cerva Italy, 1978 Alassio: 2e/16 classe III, Oriani, SNIM: 2e/?? Classe IIIB, Giraglia: 1er/?? Classe IIIB en 54h03', Oriani-Lanzani, 1979 Giraglia: 3e/?? Classe III, Comment from Facebook 2023 "with different name, new keel and rudder but still alive and in great shape!";
"L'Année Bateaux 1978-1979"

Pryority KA 2343 Kaufman 1978;

Shanti F 8151 Kaufmann 1981 built in USA, 1981 Sydney-Nouméa: ?e/??, 1983 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 105e/173 corrected time 3d07h07', TCF 0.7912, Bondalotoff;
1981 Mai "Voiles et Voiliers"
1983 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Suspense KA 7120 Scott Kaufman 1976;

The Sting KA B 185 Kaufman 1976;

White Pointer KA 2246 Kaufman 1977;


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