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Smiles, US 53407
à jour au: 2022
1984 Plan Jonstone, J41



1984 April, One Ton North America, Annapolis: 1er/8, C. SCOTT

1985 SORC: 4 - 1 - 1 - 8 - 3 - 7 = 1er/18 classe 5, C. SCOTT
Mai "L'Année Bateaux"

1986 SORC: ?e/??

From Internet, One Ton Class Facebook

February, pictures received from Jan Kuffel 2015:

From One Ton Class Facebook,

???? New owner and new name,

???? New owner and new name,
Double Jeopardy,

???? New owner and new name,

202? New owner, Paul Byers, based in Beaufort, North Carolina

2022 March, comments and pictures from Facebook, "The guy had it towed in and told Ted he was going to do a "quickie" bottom paint job and then splash her again. Three months went by, and it became obvious he had abandoned her. I did a lot of research and became more excited about what we had. It took a few months, and I finally got the title. The boat was SMILES, then JADE, then DOUBLE JEOPARDY, now BANSHEE. A major chunk of history! After I read about all the races Charlie had won and the stories about him and the boat, I thought jeeze...the guy should have worn a cape! I had goosebumps! I am so proud to have her and being the current caregiver will do what I can to keep her in shape. I plan to daysail, pull some lures, catch some Mahi, Wahoo and yes, if there’s another boat in the water, the race is on!"