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La Pantera, US 11982
à jour au: 2023
197? Plan Irwin, built by Ted Irwin in Florida, USA

"It is reported that La Pantera was the last racing design by Irwin Yachts to be built using reinforced fibreglass before moving to Kevlar and other exotic materials. Promoted as a “One-ton Momma with a heart of Gold”"


1974 St. Petersburg-to-Mexico Race: 2e/?? Overall, Ted IRWIN

197? new owner and new name,
Sorcerer, ?? 11982

1980 30 March, South China Sea Race: ?e/??, R.C. INGOLDBY

1982 3 April, South China Sea Race: RET/??, TCC: 0.9604, R.C. INGOLDBY

1989 RHKYC San Fernando Race (480 miles Hong Kong to San Fernando, Philippines): ?e/??

1993 New owner, German gentleman

2000 Around she was put on-the-hard at Watercraft Ventures in Subic Bay

20?? New owner, An entrepreneur with a sailing dream

Sorcerer was stripped stem to stern and the decks and interior were rebuilt based on Ted Irwin's original design.

Ten years cruising the Philippine Islands and occasionally club racing out of Subic Bay and Puerto Galera

2012 All Souls Regatta: ?e/??
"Active Boating & Watersports Magazine" actionphotographed in the middle of a spinnaker gybe during the All Souls Regatta in 2012

2013 Vasco's Cup (100 mile feeder-race from Subic Bay to the All Souls Regatta): 1st/??

2018 She was back at Watercraft Ventures again

2019 While on a Watercraft Ventures mooring, she experienced a through-hull-fitting leak and was partially submerged before being rescued. The interior accommodation basically rendered unusable by the inundation, but because the hull and
rigging were still sound, the decision was made to rebuild/refurbish the interior once again

202? Rebuild/refurbishment almost completed, but due to post-Covid business demands, the current owner is interested to offer her for sale to someone who will embrace Sorcerer and take her on new adventures to expand her history as a “One-ton Momma with a heart of Gold”

2023 For Sale Sorcerer can accommodate 6-8 people sleeping: forepeak berth (1-2 persons); two pilotberths; two cabin berths; and one quarter berth (1-2 persons). She has: an ice-box but no refrigerator (refrigeration could be added to the ice-box); space for a gimbaled stove-top & oven (not replaced after inundation); a toilet and shower room; a solar panel aft of the cockpit to keep the batteries topped-up; and, a shore-power inlet for use when in the marina.

1973 February, Us Magazine,